Election Fraud Again


Via Michelle Malkin comes this news from Wisconsin.

The investigation into the Great Tire-Slashing Caper will end Monday with felony charges against the adult sons of two prominent Milwaukee politicians – U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore and former Acting Mayor Marvin Pratt.

Sources close to the 83-day-old probe said Sowande Omokunde, Michael Pratt and three other paid Democratic activists will each be charged with a single felony count of criminal damage to property, legalese for vandalism.

Omokunde, also known as Supreme Solar Allah, is the 25-year-old son of the rookie congresswoman. Pratt, 32, worked on Kerry’s local campaign, which was chaired by his father.

Pratt, Omokunde and the other staffers will be accused of cutting the tires of some 20 vans and cars rented by the state Republican Party to usher the party faithful to and from the polls on election day. The charges will state that the damage to the vehicles was well in excess of $2,500 – the minimum required to merit a felony.

Captain Ed has some added information.

Originally police reported one arrest, that of Opel Simmons III, a Democratic activist working for John Kerry. Cary Spivak and Dan Bice now report that Simmons will face no charges and has returned to his home in Virginia. The initial report gave the impression that the tire-slashing was an isolated act by one person out of control. Now, however, the district attorney’s actions indicate that this was a conspiracy, even if the specific charge isn’t included.

I wonder why the DA is so reluctant to include a conspiracy complaint. If five people come together to plan a felony and then commit it, does that not constitute a conspiracy — especially when the intent of the felony is to deprive people of a vote in a presidential election? Spivak and Bice note that federal charges are unlikely if the charges match up against the state charges in this case, but if Wisconsin doesn’t charge them with the conspiracy, then the feds should file a civil-rights criminal case against the five.

WTF is going on here? If this had been done by those associated with Republican’s this would be front page news everywhere but doing a search via Google I see about a half dozen news articles about this case, where is the MSM? Where are they in Washington State?

Scores of convicted felons voted illegally in the state’s 2004 general election, and officials never noticed because of serious flaws in the system for tracking them, The Seattle Times has found.

The Times, reviewing felony convictions as far back as 1997, identified 129 felons in King and Pierce counties who were recorded as having voted in the Nov. 2 election. Another 23 likely voted. Several methods were used to confirm the findings.

Either the counties failed to flag or purge felons on the voter rolls as required by state law, or they allowed them to register without checking their status. Some were even mailed absentee ballots and returned them unchallenged.

The findings are almost certain to add to an already contentious debate over whether Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire’s victory was legitimate.

After three vote counts in the race for governor, Gregoire was declared the winner by a record-close 129 votes over Republican Dino Rossi, fueling more than two months of controversy about how well ? or poorly ? the election was managed.

Sound Politics reports about two recent affidavits that were filed recently that show

The Rossi campaign has filed additional affidavits with the Chelan County court containing new evidence of voting irregularities.

Among the more interesting of the affidavits are the ones from WSRP political director Mike Sheridan and researcher Christopher Yetter.

New information includes:

From the Yetter affidavit: Current working totals of confirmed illegal votes (the work is still in progress):
9 deceased voters
37 felon voters
10 who voted twice in Washington
20 who appear to have voted in both Washington and another state.

From the Sheridan affidavit:

1) Several dozen voter records in the King County database had the registration dates changed from a date after the legal registration deadline to before the deadline. [I reported this on Saturday. The Rossi campaign team discovered this independently. I have an explanation from King County Elections on this and I’ll post it shortly]

2) Stevens County counted 12 provisional ballots from ineligible voters

3) Clark County has an unexplained discrepancy of 325 more ballots than voters

4) Pierce County has an unexplained discrepancy of 135 more ballots than voters, in addition to 77 provisional ballots that were counted but not verified.

The MSM is no where to be found. I wonder if Howard Dean’s comments recently (hat tip Ace Of Spades) Have anything to do with the Democrats outright voter fraud? Win at any cost.

“This is a war for the survival of the United States as we know it,” Dean declared at a breakfast meeting with labor leaders and Hispanic activists.


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