Kerry In Iraq


Looks as if the lying, coward, medal tossing media whore Kerry has showed up in Iraq. I’m guessing that the morale was too high for our troops so he thought he needed to mute it a bit.

Senator John F. Kerry, who made criticism of the Bush administration’s Iraq policy a central theme of his presidential campaign, arrived in the war-torn capital yesterday on a solo fact-finding mission to the region…

But in several instances, he attacked what he called the ”horrendous judgments” and ”unbelievable blunders” of the Bush administration. The mistakes, he said, included the decisions to disband the Iraqi Army and purge the government of former members of Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party. Both moves are widely believed to have fueled the Sunni Arab insurgency.

What a jerkoff!

On a side note, I don’t know if you caught this little tidbit.

Iraqis decry negative ads, political mudslinging

By: Elke Drumfeld, Middle East Correspondent

BAGHDAD?After living through a year and a half of war and insurgency, Baghad resident Sami Al-Amiri thought that she’d seen it all. But then the mother of four and resident of that city’s exclusive Mansour district, saw something on Al-Sharqiya television that shocked her: four anonymous Iraqi men attacking interim president and presidential candidate Iyad Allawi. “I have never seen such a thing. The men didn’t say their names and they attacked Allawi’s honor,” says Al-Amiri.

“Announcer: They served their country with courage and distinction. They?re the men who served with Iyad Allawi in the battle against the Iranian invader and in the fight against internal subversion.

Announcer: They?re his entire chain of command, most of the officers in Allawi?s section, even the interrogator from his unit of the Mukhabarat.

Announcer: They were also decorated by the supreme leader. Many very highly. But they kept their medals.

Announcer: And they?re the men who?ve spent more than a year in American prison camps. They lost their jobs for refusing to confess to being the war criminals that Allawi tried to brand them as.

Announcer: Today they are teachers, farmers, businessman, imams and community leaders. And of course, fathers and grandfathers.

Announcer: With nothing to gain for themselves, except the satisfaction that comes with telling the truth, they have come forward to talk about the Iyad Allawi they know.

Announcer: Because to them honesty and character still matters. . . especially in a time of war.

Announcer: Iraqi Veterans for Truth are responsible for the content of this advertisement.”

But what bothered Al-Amiri most was the scene’s climatic end, triggered by a dramatic fade to black and an ominous announcement: “Iraqi Veterans for Truth are responsible for the content of this advertisement.”

Welcome to the brave new world of Iraqi politics, where shadowy organizations lob rhetorical bombs at the front-running candidates and highly-paid political operatives call the shots. If it sounds vaguely familiar, that’s because some of the best-known political consultants from the US have now set up camp in Iraq. With the American presidential election behind them, they’ve moved their headquarters from Washington DC’s infamous K Street to Baghdad’s Rashid Street.

Recently spotted at a Baghdad kebab shop: James Carville, perhaps the single most prominent political consultant in the US. Known for his “take no prisoners” style?he was honored as Campaign Manager of the Year by the American Association of Political Consultants for his leadership of Clinton’s campaign “War Room”?Carville is said to be advising the Assembly of Independent Democrats led by US State Department favorite Adnan Pachachi.

WTF are these moonbats thinking?

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