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The Washington Post is reporting that Staples is caving into the moronic moonbats.

Office-supply retailer Staples Inc. is pulling its advertising from news programming on Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. television stations, saying the decision was fueled in part by e-mails from customers angry at what they consider to be the broadcasters right-wing bias in news and commentary.

The Hunt Valley-based Sinclair drew attention and criticism from some quarters in the weeks leading up to Novembers presidential election for airing parts of “Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal,” a film critical of Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kerry and his war record.

The left wing organization Sinclair Action is behind this. You want to guess who is behind this group? Just take a look at their press release.

Led by Media Matters for America and supported by MoveOn,, Free Press, Working Assets, Robert Greenwald (Director, Outfoxed), AlterNet, and The Campaign for America’s Future, we have launched a campaign to protest Sinclair Broadcast Group’s continued misuse of public airwaves to air one-sided politically charged programming without a counterpoint. is pleased to announce that Staples, Inc., the world’s leading seller of office products, has not renewed advertising on all local Sinclair Broadcasting stations nationwide. Staples, Inc. attributed its decision in part to the response the company received from customers visiting the website.

Any group that is supported by those jackass’s is no group I would ever in my wildest dreams support and if Staples is supporting them then Staples can kiss my ass from this day out. I hope you will do the same.

Amy Ridenour has a post up on her blog about a letter her husband just sent to the company.

Dear Mr. Davis,

I read in today’s Washington Post that Staples, Inc. pulled its advertising from Sinclair Broadcast news programming after it received complaints about perceived “right-wing” bias in Sinclair’s programs. You are quoted in the article.

Please be advised that we have cancelled our Staples account and will not reinstate it unless we hear from you:

1. That the report is untrue, or

2. That Staples, Inc. is canceling advertising on all programs perceived as biased — regardless of whether they are biased to the left or to the right. If this is the case, we’ll certainly have some nominations to forward.

You should further be advised that this email is being posted on our organization’s blog. We would be happy to post your reply there as well.

If “concerns expressed by [your] customers” are truly taken into account in Staples advertising decisions, as you suggested in the Post article, we’d be happy to send concerns in your direction.

David Ridenour
Vice President
The National Center for Public Policy Research

I’m planning on sending a email also, here are some email address’s to assist you if you wish to help.

Customer Service, Investor Relations, Spokesman Owen Davis.

Staples posted this on their website today

In response to recent reports about Staples media buying and Sinclair Broadcasting, Staples has the following statement:

Our media buying process with Sinclair Broadcasting stations has recently been misrepresented by an organization with no affiliation to Staples. Staples regularly drops and adds specific programs from our media buying schedule, as we evaluate and adjust how to best reach our customers.

Staples does not support any political party. We advertise with a variety of media outlets, but do not necessarily share the same views of these organizations or what they report. As we have done for a number of years, Staples will continue to advertise on Sinclair Broadcasting stations.

Contact: Paul Capelli, 508-253-8530

Which is just a load of bullshit. What the hell does that statement say? They don’t name who misrepresented their media buying process and they don’t deny that they dropped Sinclair. What’s even funnier is the statement that they don’t support any political party. Well Bloggledygook has found out the following.

According to, Staples CEO Ronald L Sargent gave $6000.00 in 2003 to the presidential campaigns, $4000 to Kerry, $2000 to Bush.

Hmmm, wonder where their political motivations lie?

Office Depot here I come.

Thanks goes out to Tom over at The Redhunter, Common Sense Runs Wild, and The Fire Ant Gazette for some added info.

UPDATE 1810HRS – Amy Ridenour just emailed me a bit ago with this message

FYI, Staples just called me. I’ve posted a short summary of the call at the end of



“Addendum 2 6:41 PM: Paul Capelli of Staples just returned my call. I am posting this quick to get out the basic message, and will elaborate ASAP with an additional update with details.

Basically, it was a good call. Staples believes the facts have been misrepresented by Staples is NOT, according to Paul Capelli, boycotting or declining to purchase future advertising from Sinclair Broadcasting or from Sinclair News.

I wanted to get this online, but will post soon with more details…”


Go check out her blog for more info at the above link.

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