Baghdad Sean Penn


The Asswipe Propaganda (AP) machine has a interview out recently that they did with the traitor Sean Penn.

AP: Has corruption in government grown worse since Nixon?

Penn: No question about it. The arrogance with which it’s played out. I think you’d have a very difficult time Watergating George Bush. The spin and the manipulation of media, the distraction of planned emergencies, is on a whole new level. And there’s a kind of general lack of diversity of principle within the Congress. So I think when you can get something like the Patriot Act passed, it would be kind of like child’s play to pull off a Watergate …

Can you believe this guy? He sounds like most of the teenage idiots over at DU. He wants to blame the right for spinning the media machine? Every network news show is so far left they’ve almost left America and he wants to talk about spinning the media.

Now that he brings up the media I gotta pass on this juicy tidbit. The Monterey Herald has a piece out where jackass tells how he almost killed a paparazzi then skipped out of jail to avoid facing his punishment.

In the new bio ”Sean Penn: His Life and Times,” the Oscar-winner ruefully recalls that he had just arrived in his hotel room on the Chinese island of Macao when a strange man lunged at him. Aided by his personal assistant (who was also his kickboxing coach), Penn says, he ”grabbed the guy, ran him through the room to the balcony and hung him over — on the ninth floor.”

The guy was dangling over the edge when Penn realized he was a paparazzo. Even though he spared the snapper, police were called.

”Five minutes later, I’m in jail sitting on a stone floor,” Penn tells writer Richard Kelly.

As luck would have it, Penn noticed that ”the cell door was ajar.” Making a dash for a dock, Penn jumped in a jet foil and fled the country.

Why am I bringing this up? No other reason other then to show what a great guy he is. Continuing on with his recent interview.

AP: What did you think of Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11”?

Penn: All of that footage ? how long was it, seven plus minutes (when Bush sat in the classroom)? … That’s who George Bush is. I think it speaks very specifically to something that not everybody has. Forget politics, forget Republican, right, left. But it speaks to his unfitness to lead anything.

To counter his little statement I will go to the excellent report written by Dave Kopel entitled “Fifty Nine Deceits In Fahrenheit 9/11”

Fahrenheit mocks President Bush for continuing to read the book My Pet Goat to a classroom of elementary school children after he was told about the September 11 attacks. Actually, as reported in The New Yorker, the book was Reading Mastery 2, which contains an exercise called “The Pet Goat.” The title of the book is not very important in itself, but the invented title of My Pet Goat makes it easier to ridicule Bush.

What Moore did not tell you:

Gwendolyn Tose?-Rigell, the principal of Emma E. Booker Elementary School, praised Bush?s action: “I don?t think anyone could have handled it better.” “What would it have served if he had jumped out of his chair and ran out of the room?”?

She said the video doesn?t convey all that was going on in the classroom, but Bush?s presence had a calming effect and “helped us get through a very difficult day.”

“Sarasota principal defends Bush from ?Fahrenheit 9/11? portrayal,” Associated Press, June 24, 2004. Also, since the President knew he was on camera, it was reasonable to expect that if he had suddenly sped out of the room, his hasty movement would have been replayed incessantly on television; leaving the room quickly might have exacerbated the national mood of panic, even if Bush had excused himself calmly.

Moore does not offer any suggestion about what the President should have done during those seven minutes, rather than staying calm for the sake of the classroom and of the public. Nor does Moore point to any way that the September 11 events might have turned out better in even the slightest way if the President had acted differently. I agree with Lee Hamilton, the Vice-Chair of the September11 Commission and a former Democratic Representative from Indiana: “Bush made the right decision in remaining calm, in not rushing out of the classroom.”

Moreover, as detailed by the Washington Times, Ari Fleischer was in the back of the classroom, holding up a legal pad with the words, “DON’T SAY ANYTHING YET.” The Secret Service may well have been cautious about moving Bush, not only because of hijackings, but also because on the morning of September 11, a Middle Eastern man had tried to gain personal access to the President by falsely claiming that he was a journalist with a scheduled interview, and by asking for a Secret Service agent by name

How many times has this guy insulted Fox News, Bill O’Reilly, Robert Murdoch and he still doesn’t have the balls to go on Bill’s show. As Kevin Williams wrote some time back

Here is a man who also attacks corporations, yet lives with other multi-millionaires in the small town of Ross, California. Ross is located in Marin County, one of the wealthiest counties in the nation, as well as a hotbed of social and political insanity. Other entertainment elitists who live in Marin (Bonnie Raitt, Peter Coyote to name a few) share the same warped 1960?s world view which Penn espouses.

Penn wants to lecture America about “peace” and “morality,” yet he has punched out numerous press photographers and an extra from the movie Colors. Like fellow anti-war activist Jackson Browne, Penn also has a history of spousal abuse. He?s had an on-again, off-again relationship with actress Robin Wright and decided to marry her after fathering two illegitimate children with her.

But there?s an even dangerous element to Sean Penn?s activism that the media has ignored. Like so many in the so-called anti-war movement, Penn hides a much more radical agenda behind his activism.

“(Penn?s) comments about the increased activism of young people and the need to revive the idea of social revolution have a certain significance as signs of a growing radicalization of various layers of the population, which is most certainly under way,” wrote David Walsh in a September 3, 2001 story for World Socialist Web Site. Walsh wrote about comments that Penn made in England while promoting his film The Pledge.

The article quotes Penn as telling London?s Guardian,

“You guys misprinted me. You had me talking about some kind of cultural revolution and I was talking about taking arms against the government…. I don?t know if revolution is practical because the technology is such that we?d lose. But I think there?s an enormous amount of room for an activism that I, shamefully, am not yet enough of a participant in. But it?s starting to come. You see these kids now…. Nothing like Seattle (referring to the 1999 WTO riots) happened in 20 years. It is a very hopeful thing.”

Additionally, the piece has the following Associated Press quote from Penn:

“I don?t know if people value the thought of revolution anymore. I think it would be an enormously patriotic movement to invest in the possibility of revolution…. There?s a lot of stuff going on around the world and in the U.S., as well, like the protests in Genoa and Seattle, and young people are putting themselves on the line.”

Penn?s radicalism and call for revolution are intergenerational. His father, the late Leo Penn, was blacklisted in the 1950?s for supporting the Hollywood Ten.

If the mainstream media did its job, Sean Penn and other Hollywood anti-war leftists would be questioned, shamed, and ridiculed. Instead, they are enabled by a sympathetic media which publicizes their comments, hoping America accepts them on blind faith.

Sean Penn is this generation’s Jane Fonda. His phony act of “concerned citizen” is only a mask he uses to hide his violent past and radical political beliefs.

Nuf said.

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