Those Wacky Moonbats


The liberals are at it again. Wizbang has a post today about the wacky posts recently from our beloved liberal jackass’s. Here are of a few of their examples.

All of the injuries done to our planet are interrelated, see this Reuters report linking pollution, tsunami’s, and global warming. Those Right-wing Republican religious nuts with three or four children in an SUV are killing people daily. All of the pollution eventually sinks into the ground, & rots away the “bones” holding our planet together, and causes earthquakes.

They are happening after Xmas, when the pollution from the fever of driving around in SUV’s to buy presents and burning extra energy in Xmas displays for crass commercial (Republican) propaganda is at its worst. See this article about the December 26, 2003 Bam earthquake. The Sumatra earthquake that happened December 26, 2004 is related to the tsunami and must be related to destroying the earth.

None of this would have happened if Al Gore had been elected in 2000, as the USA would have implemented the Kyoto Treaty.

OMFG! You have to be kidding me, are these people that stupid? The earthquake and tsunami is Bushs fault? How about this thread where they think President Bush should be impeached for being at his ranch in Texas when the tsunami hit.

How about this one where they believe the quake occurred due to our testing of weapons.

Or this one where they discuss the coming total collapse of our economy in 2007, and finally this one where they believe a secret 9/11 report was shredded.

These people are freakin incredible

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