Destroying Our Soldiers Morale


Captain Ed has a post today about an email sent to him from a active duty Officer of the Pentagon. The email describes the jackoff protestors lately

This morning, it took every ounce of professionalism not to react. For today, the moonbats were highly organized…about 50 of them. Two were arrested for getting out of line during just the 2 minutes I was out there. They had all the typical moonbat signs…”No Blood For Oil” and “Remember Fallujah” (this one held by a nice 70 year old lady…I do remember, ma’am, how the local residents strung up our contractors). The largest poster trumpeted a “There Are No Innocent Bystanders” theme.

Captain Ed responded

I believe that the protestors intend on undermining morale among the fighting corps of this nation, weakening our military resolve to carry out the orders of the duly elected government which it serves. The protests aim at men and women like my reader (who asked me to withhold his name, for obvious reasons) to destroy their sense of purpose and duty. They want good and honorable people to leave military service so that the great evil they see — American power — crumbles, leaving us at the mercy of those who will destroy us.

I agree one hundred percent, the moonbats do not care about our soldiers morale nor their welfare. I remember recently reading about some lady wearing a shirt that says “I support our troops, they shoot their officers”. Can you believe that?

Please go to Protest Warrior and sign up. They do great work with organizing protests against the idiot moonbats.

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