Peace In Islam


Jihad Watch has a blog out today about the killing of a Imam in India. Can you guess why he was killed? For speaking about peace during prayer.

Piqued over the peace prayers at the local Jamia Masjid in non-descript hamlet of Danwakote in Rajouri district, militants last night abducted and slit the throat of the Imam of the mosque, sparking off a huge protest demonstration in the area.

Sources said today morning, hundreds of villagers from Danwakote and its adjoining areas came out on the streets to protest the killing of Moulvi Mohammad Bashir, the head priest of the Jamia Masjid mosque.

This is for the first time in the area that a religious preacher has been killed by militants.

According to villagers, at 8:30 pm last night, some unidentified gunmen barged into the house of Bashir and abducted him and another villager Khalil Ahmad at gunpoint.

After taking them a kilometer away, militants released Ahmad, but slit throat of Bashir, whose body was spotted by villagers.

The good thing was that most of the village protested and obviously disagree with the militants but it just goes to show you what the jackass minority can do with terrorism.

Now there is news that Osama has produced another tape telling Iraqi’s not to vote. If Iraqi’s were to vote then that means they could be free, and you know any muslim extremist wouldn’t want that don’t you.

One more point, don’t believe that all this is happening far far away. Just a few miles from where I live in So. Calif came this news about a al-qaeda operative living in the city of Disneyland.

An Orange County woman said in an expose that aired last night that her ex-husband is a Muslim extremist who helped set up an al Qaeda sleeper cell in their Anaheim apartment complex in the 1990s.
Saraah Olson told ABC-TV’s “Primetime Live” that her ex-husband, Hisham Diab, beat her, turned a local teenager into a terrorist fanatic, and brought other terrorists into their home.

Authorities say the couple’s former neighbor, Khalil Deek, is considered a major al Qaeda figure, and is believed to have run the Orange County cell — one of the first al Qaeda sleeper cells.

She said in the interview that she married Diab without knowing of his ties to terrorism, and that she helped him set up a charity that funneled money overseas.

Olson told ABC-TV that she was in love with Diab but he used her to get a U.S. passport.

She said she converted, along with her son from a previous relationship, to Islam.

Olson said she played a role in drawing up papers for a fake charity, called Charity Without Borders. It was used to funnel money overseas, and was not found or shut down until after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Right in my own backyard.

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