A Traitor


Over at Townhall there is an article you must read by Mike S. Adams. It’s about a professor who leans to left a bit, gasp! your joking? No I’m serious.

Ok anyways, this professor, one Robert Jenson (rjensen@uts.cc.utexas.edu), is the author of an article titled “”Citizens of the Empire: The Struggle to Claim Our Humanity.” In it he says the following:

“The United States has lost the war in Iraq, and that’s a good thing”

He then goes on to say that the deaths of our American soldiers “haven’t protected Americans or brought freedom to Iraqis.”

“In his article, Jensen proudly states, I welcome the U.S. defeat. He also says it’s essential the American empire be defeated and dismantled. Why? Because, according to Jensen, In Iraq, the Bush administration invaded not to liberate but to extend and deepen U.S. domination. He also says that the invasion of Iraq is about control over the flow of oil and oil profits, though he concedes that it is not about outright ownership of Iraqi oil.”

This professor is wishing, hoping, that we will lose this war and the deaths of our soldiers will be welcome so as to dismantle the US Government. Just let me remind you that this worthless piece of pondscum is a professor, he is teaching our youth and what he is espousing is the dismantling of our Government.

Mike Adams says further in his article that he is starting the Robert Jenson Deportation Fund so we can send this jackass over to Iraq.

“Based upon my reading of Jensens work, I can tell that he is a brave revolutionary warrior. There is no sense in keeping him here in the evil American Empire, seething with anger against our troops. We should do everything within our power to help him bravely face those troops in combat. After all, he is the one who says that we should be courageous and dismantle the American empire. I look forward to seeing him face off against some of the Marines that he has tried to demoralize with his anti-American rhetoric. Good luck, Professor.

Mike ends with this paragraph:

“It is no laughing matter when we imagine the outrage Jensens diatribe must bring to the hearts of the brave men and women who serve in Iraq. They risk their lives to preserve our constitutional rights. Sadly, some will die preserving a cowards perceived right to commit treason.”

I don’t know about you but I will be sending some donations his way to see this guy face off our Marines.

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