CBS Is At It Again


RatherBiased.Com is reporting that SeeBS is at it again, this time the network contacted NonViolence.Org and asked that they talk up a episode they are doing on military deserters.

“Yesterday I got a call from a publicist for CBS News’s 60 Minutes. They’re running a story tonight on ‘Deserters,’ U.S. military personnel who have fled to Canada rather than serve in Iraq. She was requesting that I talk up the program on Nonviolence. In nine years of publishing the peace site, I can’t remember ever getting a call from a publicist before. I’ve talked to reporters from major news networks and papers, and I’ve talked a booking agent or two to arranging appearances on radio shows, but never a publicist.”

Isn’t it amazing? They have their heads so far up the ass of the left that they can see Michael Moore’s tonsils. They will only talk to lefties, quote lefties, ask questions of lefties, but still think they are not biased? Give me a freakin break you jackass’s.

Then their is the irony that SeeBS has a article up today that

“accusing the Senate campaign of Republican John Thune of using sites like South Dakota Politics and Daschle v. Thune as a “proxy” to get its anti-Tom Daschle message out.

In the end, does it really matter? The only people who watch SeeBS are moonbats anyways.

The Captain has an excellent post today with some added info.

“Under any other circumstances, that would prompt screams of outrage at Black Rock, but now CBS wants the government to protect them from the big, bad blogosphere. ‘Free speech for me but not for thee’ must have become the new mission statement at Viacom.”

“So on one hand, CBS warns its readers and viewers that blogs are corrupt, biased, and probably full of cholesterol — and on the other hand, they want to use these same mechanisms to promote its stories defending deserters from the all-volunteer armed services?”

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