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Found a great post over on JenMartinez from a former Special Forces veteran who worked in the Intelligence community in DC. Here are a few things that might interest you:

“Directorate of Operations and the Purge:

The DO historically has been a whipping boy for the liberal media. It cannot defend itself publicly because of secrecy. It has no propaganda self-promotion machine like the FBI or Marines.

Ever since the Church Committee in the 70’s, its independence, its ability to run ops abroad has been whittled away, its professionals maligned and sometimes prosecuted for nothing more than doing their job, its agents’ identities revealed and its operations publicized, with leaks and attacks coming mostly out of Congress and mostly from the left. Gradually, and especially after Ames in the mid-90’s, it became clear that “doing something” could only get a DO officer in professional trouble and his face in “Time” magazine.”

As we now know, the lefty moonbats left our intelligence community in tatters, relying on satellites miles in the sky rather then boots on the ground.

“Now it’s being hammered again over Iraq..by people who don’t know squat all about what the DO did or did not do in the run up to the war or what they predicted or did not predict. Same can be said for WTC-I in 1993 and every other problem the DO has worked on. This hammering until recently mostly still came from the Left. They are schizophrenic about intelligence to start off with, they have a profound distrust of secrecy of any type, they don’t like to see America defend itself, and they have been very much against the executive branch and its power in general (when the office was held by a Republican at least).”

This guy is right on the mark. The socialist left would like nothing better then to see us give up the fight.

“Afghanistan 2001 is the most recent case and also illustrates bureaucratic in-fighting in DC. CIA was given ops command in Afghanistan after 9/11. It brought down the Taliban in the most remote part of Asia within 3 months. It used 400 men on the ground, 300 SF’ers, 100 from SAD. The Pentagon (Rumsfeld) put up incredible bureaucratic resistance to this arrangement. He wanted 4 division, fire bases, etc. This would have provoked an Afghan anti-foreigner backlast…it was what Al-Qa’ida expected. Al-Qa’ida did not expect the unconventional and the Taliban went down! It was one of the most amazing campaigns in history and SF and CIA deserve the credit.”

That operation definately left the taliban head’s spinning, they didn’t know what hit them and I agree, the campaign deserves to get more recognition.

“The military chain of command has become so torturous that if an aircraft has Bin Laden in his sights, it would take 12 hours to get approval to fire and then some lawyer in Centcom would have “problems with this” and delay it. No, It will be a Predator under CIA command (if Rumsfeld doesn’t win that battle to) which will pull the trigger on that skinny, white clad, douche bag.

Ok, that’s about it. Recommend we hold onto the “the DO is filled with limp-wristed, martini swilling, Kerry loving, hanger-ons” conspiracy theories and hope that the CIA and DO and in particular SAD comes out this whole and that the idea of an “Intelligence Czar” is derailed for good. You want to have an “adventure”?…try having Special Forces go into Iran under command of the FBI!!!”

Right on brother!

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