Iraq Successful Operations


Since the MainStream Media fails to report any of the successful operations being carried out by our soldiers I figured I would start highlighting some of them.



MOSUL, Iraq — Iraqi Security forces and Multi-National Forces from 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division (Stryker Brigade Combat Team) detained 64 people suspected of anti-Iraqi activities and collected a large amount of weapons and munitions during operations Dec. 4 in northern Iraq.

Iraqi National Guard soldiers and Soldiers from 2nd Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment conducted a large-scale cordon and search operation in the town of Avgani near Tal Afar where they detained 64 people suspected of planning and conducting attacks against MNF and Iraqi Security forces.

During a search of the town, a large amount of weapons and munitions were seized that included one 120mm mortar tube, three 120mm mortar rounds, two 82mm mortar tubes, 26 82mm mortar rounds, two 60mm mortar tubes, 14 60mm mortar rounds, three improvised rocket launchers, five 122mm high-explosive artillery rounds, seven 107mm rockets, 22 rocket propelled grenade rockets, 19 rifle grenades, 19 hand grenades, one warhead for anti-aircraft missile, two 82mm recoilless rifle rounds, 17 AK-47s, seven pistols, one machine gun, six bags of propellant, 12 chemical protective masks, two chemical protective suits, one set of night vision goggles and miscellaneous switches and wires.

All 64 suspects are in custody undergoing questioning with no ISF or MNF injuries reported during the operation.



“MOSUL, Iraq — Iraqi Security forces and Multi-National Forces decisively defeated anti-Iraqi insurgent attacks in western Mosul Dec. 3, thwarting attempts to seize police stations and destabilize the city.

Four Mosul police stations came under attack by indirect fire and small arms fire during coordinated attacks by insurgent fighters. The Iraqi Police at these stations successfully repelled these attacks preventing a reoccurrence of the events of Nov. 10 when many stations were abandoned and later looted.

Insurgents also attempted a large-scale ambush of a Stryker patrol along a 2 km. stretch of road with eight to 10 roadside bombs and an estimated 70 insurgent fighters armed with rocket-propelled grenades, AK-47s and machine guns. A patrol from 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment quickly maneuvered to engage the insurgents and later broke contact to conduct a deliberate offensive operation to clear the ambush site of insurgent fighters.

Shortly thereafter, MNF and ISF executed a large scale offensive operation to restrict the freedom of movement of insurgent fighters and clear the pockets of resistance. While clearing the area, Soldiers received significant enemy fire from a nearby mosque. Iraqi Security Forces cleared the mosque eliminating the enemy while finding a large cache of weapons that consisted of RPG rounds, anti-tank grenades, and machine guns. Soldiers also engaged in multiple direct fire situations defeating the insurgent fighters each time.

The combined ISF and MNF offensive operation quickly reestablished security in the city.”



“BAGHDAD, Iraq ? The Iraqi Police Service graduated 66 officers from four advanced instruction courses at the Adnan Training Facility, in the International Zone, here, Dec. 2, as part of the Iraqi government?s ongoing effort to train up its security forces.

Officers spent two to three weeks negotiating the specialty skill courses intended to augment the standard eight-week police training all officers undergo prior to service and three-week integration training for prior service officers.

The courses, consisting of a basic criminal investigation, an organized crime investigation, a civil disorder management, and a mid-level management course ran 28, 9, 15, and 14 students, respectively, through the training.

The Baghdad area officers report back for continued duty at their respective stations immediately.

For more information please visit”

Just a few stories in the last 3 days, was any of this reported in the MSM, nope. As the The Fourth Rail so astutely pointed out:

“Elections in Iraq are less than two months away, and despite calls from Sunni groups to postpone them, Iraq?s Sunni President Ghazi al-Yawer has thrown his support behind the scheduled date of January 30th. Media negativity and spin continues to be presented with regards to Iraq and Afghanistan, including the increase in American troop strength during upcoming elections, the likelihood of failure of the upcoming election in Iraq, comparisons between Iraq and Vietnam, and the rise in opium production in Afghanistan. The successes in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere are glossed over as they do not adhere to the mainstream media?s narrative of failure.”

Our military is keeping the pressure on and now there is news that the insurgents are starting to purge their ranks of the foreign terrorists and get political.

“”There are signs, particularly in Ramadi (the capitol of Anbar province, the heart of the Sunni triangle), that the ‘resistance’ is beginning to assert itself and ridding its ranks of the terrorists, foreign fighters, criminals, and corrupt sheikhs.”

If this doesn’t tell you that our soldiers are kicking ass then either your a moonbat kerry asswipe or you’ve been smoking a little to much medicinal marijuana

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