The Real Democrats Part II


Take a look at Right Wing News for some intelligent examples of moonbats. Here is a list of the top 10 posts from the “compassionate” democrats.

10) DEVINSGRAM: “…Everybody in middle American crying, putting out their flags and their show of emotion. Phooey on them, they are the ones responsible for what happened in NYC on 9-11. They are the ones who put this idiot in office.”

9) LEFTOFTHEDIAL: “I knew some *wonderful* people who were strong supporters of the Nazi Party.

They gave to charity, worked hard, and held marvelous little soires at their homes.


Support for Bush is 100% qualification for the “stupid fascist” label.

Good Germans, good bushgang supporters. Same difference.

One of two things allows one to support the bushgang:

Willful ignorance of the evil being done. Willful ignorance = stupid.


Complicity in the evil. Complicity = fascist.”

8) JVS: “Lincoln was right to crush the South in the 1860’s. Someone ought to do it again.”

7) MATCOM: “F*CK YOU If You Vote For * – I Hope You Get ALL That You Want hey freepers! (and lurkers and idiots of ALL shapes and sizes)


When they come for YOU – F*CK OFF
When they come for YOUR children – F*CK OFF
When YOU are unemployed – F*CK OFF
When the NEXT attack hits – F*CK OFF


If you say Bush, F*CK YOU

I don’t care WHAT the situation.

I don’t care HOW much you are hurting.

MY liberalism tells me to CARE about ALL PEOPLE! Guess what……





6) MCVET: The Republicans are Nazis….In order to defeat them, we too must become Nazis.

5) LASTCHANCE2004: “Wait Until After Election 2004. If chimpy gets selected again, we’re all in big trouble. The fascists you describe will start doing more than just voting, the “brownshirts” will be coming after people.

And the people like us will oppose them with whatever means necessary.

It’ll then get ugly, real ugly.”

4) SKJPM: “I am frightened by what I am learning about America during this election. I think that a majority have an irrational fear of liberals, and that if Bush wins, and decides to send liberals to camps for their “protection,” most would support the move and say “About time too.” There would be some dissent, but the majority of Americans see liberals as a threat, and nothing would be done. The press would hold debates, but people wouldn’t care. I think that all Bush has to do is say the word, and we’ll be rounded up. Who would stop him?”

3) JOANNE98: “Since tomorrow is the anniversary of the “excuse” the cowboy uses to attack anybody he wants to. I’m bracing myself for the ongoing images of people in small red state towns exploiting the victims of 9/11.

CNN is already showing people in small town Texas CRYING over New York City’s loses. Well, you know what. You never liked New Yorkers. You hated New Yorkers remember. If you really cared about the victims of 9/11 you would vote for John Kerry because that’s the only thing they want you to do. But NO! Instead you brought the Bush bastard’s convention to ground Zero and thought NYC would be glad to see you.

Instead of getting flowers and candy you got protesters, a half a million of them that said. GO HOME. Do you remember the Evita song…DON’T CRY FOR ME DIRTSVILLE TEXAS……….

Let’s get this straight, Dirtsville, IT DIDN’T HAPPEN TO YOU and it never will because no self respecting terra-rist would ever attack something so unimportant. It would be like the USA attacking Goatsgrave Yemen. It’s never going to happen.

The bottom line is, you don’t care about NYC or the pain, all you care about is getting Boosh re-elected and fighting a Holy pissing contest with the darkie Muslims. All in the name of Jesus which you’re sure is coming back the day after tomorrow.

Nobody needs this sh*t, especially the people of NYC who still watch airplanes when they fly overhead. The people in big cities are in more danger than ever thanks to the cowboy’s invasion of Iraq. But that’s something the good people of Dirtsville don’t have to worry about.

So take your flags, your prayers, your rodeos and your country music and stick it. You’re waging war because you want too, because you like it and you’re not fooling anybody. You’re only happy when you have an enemy, if it wasn’t 9/11 it would be something else. Like “libruls”. At least have the decency to admit that.”

Put on your public grieving shows tomorrow because you already have them planned but spare us the DRAMA next year. It didn’t happen to you. Get over it.

I know this is harsh and I know not all people in small rural towns are Republicans but they ARE voting for Bush, who is only making big cities more dangerous. This is how I feel about it. Flame away.”

2) GYRE: “I don’t support them (the troops). We’ve exported our illiterate little kids with their tiny brains filled with images of Rambo. We’ve armed them and told them the enemy is a demon who doesn’t deserve to live. Most of them are more than willing to believe that. They are stupid and dangerous and have no intellectual capacity to grasp basic concepts of democracy. They’re a symptom of a disease that infects my country.”

1) READTOMPAINE: As we?ve heard again and again recently, if we are going to beat this bunch of rule breaking GOP misanthropes, we?re going to have to start fighting as dirty as they do. I started this thread for one reason, to get everyone?s ideas on a list of things we as Democrats can consider to stop the takeover of this country. This isn?t going to be a thread for the squeamish, or for the ideologically pure. Best to steer clear if that describes you.

Here are half a dozen ideas to get the ball rolling.

1) Get Republicans fired at your workplace, or fire them yourself if you can ? In the belief that all activism starts with the grass roots, do us all a favor, and fire your Republican employees this week. There are legitimate reasons to fire virtually any employee, so avail yourself of them. Not only will it quit the gloating you?re hearing around the office, it?ll stop those donation checks they are getting ready to write. Might also teach them a bit of humility regarding the poor and the disadvantaged. They can be the ?Pioneers? of ?Unemployment Window A?

2) Pretend to be a Republican, and then cut down the next Republican that you have a conversation with. – The more public/crowed the place you do this, the better. Use whatever remarks you know are sure to make the intended impression. ?You?re no better than the liberal scum you claim to hate? get back into the kitchen? Just wait till we win next year and toss peons like you into the field or the workhouse? People in your income bracket don?t have the right to be Republican or vote etc.? If you need talking points, just observe in a Yahoo political chat room for a few minutes and you have all the right wing bile that you can use and quite possibly all that you can stand.

3) Create, plant and disseminate widely ?news stories? that discredit GOP policies ? A good way to do this is to print out stories in the visual style of a major newspaper or magazine (don?t use the logo or other copywrited material, however) and theme them similarly to the ones that targeted John McCain?s platform last presidential election. Make sure not to slander individuals directly. Leave stacks of the printouts where people are certain to find them ? i.e. supermarkets, coffee houses, bars, community centers etc. As in #2 make sure to write these from the right wing perspective, for maximum effect on the target audience. Avoid digital media, as it?s too easy to fact check, not that most GOP voters care to check these things anyway.

4) Contact the IRS and anonymously tip them off regarding prominent GOP contributors in your area. ? Lets face it, they are likely tax evaders in any case (that?s why they are GOP), so might as well have them go thru an audit and feel a bit of what it?s like to have a hostile government prying into their affairs. The tax money you shake free will be a little payback to your community for the egregious tax cut they undoubtedly are enjoying.

5) Make sure that you?re the only ride on voting day for a group of hard right types who live out of the way, and then don?t show up. ? This works best in low population density areas and poor right wing communities. Cultivate a group of right wing friends and make sure they depend on you for the ride on Election Day. Then don?t show up. Every vote they miss is an uncontested vote on the blue side of the aisle. The right needs a taste of Florida 2000.

6) Impersonate Linda Tripp. ? Whisper into the ear of GOP associates to encourage and get dirty laundry regarding their improprieties, and then make sure that information gets into the wrong hands. It?s hard to brag about family values or think about politics when you?re in a divorce court.

Are you really serious about winning the culture war? Do you mean it when you say it?s time to fight fire with fire? Then channel that anger and let?s hear some ideas. Given the thin skin of most conservative ideologues, it won?t take much to have them running far away from such policies and tactics so we can all enjoy proper, principled political discourse in the country again. First, however, they need to be taught that fighting dirty burns them as much as it burns anyone.

BTW- if you want to take action beyond the intellectual consideration of these ideas, please do so on your own. This thread is meant for the mental exercise of these ideas. Don?t involve DU.

That last one is a doozy huh? What a bunch of worthless bile spewing jackass’s

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