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17 Sep

The Obamanization of your neighborhood… turning your community into the south side of Chicago

Next to families, communities are perhaps the single most important part of American life. Communities are made up of the places we shop, the churches we attend, and perhaps most importantly where we live. Aside from where we work, our … Continue reading

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29 Jan

Barack Obama finally embraces Supply Side Economics – but adds just a wee hint of redistribution

Last week the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report that said that the labor force participation rate (LFPR) dropped to 63.6%, the lowest rate since Jimmy Carter was in office. Essentially that means that of the population of 16 … Continue reading

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9 Jan

More lists I think ought to be published

The Journal News in New York took it upon itself to publish a list of legal gun owners and found itself in the cross hairs of outrage. So much so that the editors felt they had to hire armed guards … Continue reading

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18 Dec

The Constitution, Deadbeat Dads, and the Hypocrisy of Obamacare

America is now poised to enjoy the fruits of what has been a demand from the left for over a quarter century: Government mandated socialized medicine. There have always been three main arguments behind that drive: 1) Everyone has a … Continue reading

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10 Dec

President Obama’s deleterious effect on America’s work ethic [Reader Post]

The United States was built on the backs of hard working people. From pilgrims who survived an ocean’s journey and founded a colony at Plymouth to slaves who endured the blistering sun as they harvested cotton to settlers who braved … Continue reading

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23 Oct

How about letting members of the Fortune 500 run America's welfare programs? [Reader Post]

Imagine what you could do with three quarters of a trillion dollars. You might buy a new house, maybe a new car and maybe even take a trip to Hawaii or Australia.

Seriously, what can $750 billion accomplish? Well, that all depends on who’s spending the money.

According to the Congressional Research Service the federal government spent $745 billion in 2011 on welfare payments.

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23 Aug

The Mormon Economy

President Reagan spends some time in Utah visiting theLDS Welfare system and learning how it works. Here’sa photo with him and the former (center) and current LDS Church Presidents (right). With the selection of Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee … Continue reading

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14 Aug

The November Choice: An election of historic proportions [Reader Post]

As I think about the election in November, I can’t help but think about Matt Ridley and his outstanding book “The Rational Optimist – How Prosperity Evolves”. In it he chronicles the evolution of human society and demonstrates a perfect understanding of why nations fail:

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15 Dec

Ezra Klein unwittingly endorses a conservative agenda [Reader Post]

Ezra Klein is a blogger/columnist for the Washington Post and an unabashed liberal. Klein has the good fortune of never having had to work a real day in his life. He is younger than my oldest son and hasn’t half my son’s brains. Klein is widely quoted by the left and he regularly pontificates broadly on a wide range of subjects with which he has neither familiarity nor experience.

In a recent column, Klein made an astonishing assertion:

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10 Dec

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Entitlement Street? [Reader Post]

Come and play
Everything’s A-OK
Friendly neighbors there
That’s where we meet

Can you tell me how to get
How to get to Entitlement Street

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