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24 Jul

SEIU’s Dummies’ Guide to Intimidation [Reader Post]

In the Washington Times F. Vincent Vernuccio describes the disclosure of an “intimidation manual” created by the SEIU.

In the past decade, unions have become increasingly desperate to obtain new dues-paying members. An example of how desperate can be found in a 70-plus-page intimidation manual from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which only recently came to light in a pending court case.

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1 Mar

Unions- that’s where the big money is [Reader Post]

Ken Vogel at Politico, who seldom misses a chance to bash conservatives, does his best to convince us that the effort to eliminate collective bargaining is the result of a long term right wing conspiracy.

The conservative assault on public sector unions that seemed to explode out of nowhere in Wisconsin and spread across the Midwest was in fact months – if not years – in the making, the result of methodical polling, lobbying, messaging, grassroots organizing and policy crafting by a coterie of well-funded conservative groups.

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26 Feb

The face of unions [Reader Post]

The loss of collective bargaining does not bust unions. It does not remove their ability to bargain for wages, contrary to the stupidity we’re all seeing.

At one time unions served some kind of purpose, but they are irrelevant today other than serving as a means of guaranteeing mediocrity. Unions brought the auto industry to its knees and Obama has pinned the bill for their legacy costs on our futures.

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