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12 Feb

Sequestration – Threat or Strategy? [Reader Post]

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), on Sunday’s (February 10, 2013) Meet The Press, told host David Gregory, “David, sequestration was designed as a budget threat, not as a budget strategy.” That is certainly a shocker, a Democrat telling the truth. Durbin … Continue reading

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11 Feb

Obama wanted the sequester- give it to him. Straight down his throat.

The White House has warned of the devastation that would result from sequestration: The White House warned Friday that allowing the $85 billion sequester to happen would devastate the economy and disrupt the everyday lives of millions of people. In … Continue reading

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3 Dec

Obama to GOP: Save the middle class from me [Reader Post]

Instead of negotiating with Congress for a deal, Barack Obama is out there campaigning for his tax increase plans.

President Barack Obama is urging Congress to pass an extension of tax cuts for middle class families, saying a tax increase for them would be like a “lump of coal” for Christmas.

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