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1 Jul

Obama Gives Speech on Patriotism – Doesn’t Mention Freedom [Reader Post]

Got to hand it to him. It must have been tough to do. In a 29 minute speech on patriotism in which he invoked Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Adams, Truman, King, the Pledge of Allegiance, World War II, Vietnam, and Iraq, … Continue reading

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25 Jun

Obama World: The Government Not American Ingenuity Will Solve The Gas Crisis [Reader Post]

Today Barack Obama threw the American Spirit of Capitalism and Competition under the bus as he scoffed at John McCain’s proposal of a $300 million dollar prize for the development of a next generation car battery. Obama’s ridiculous mocking of … Continue reading

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25 Jan

Peggy Noonans Absurd Bush Rant

Listen, I loved Reagan. But time has a way of making people forget the bad and only remember the good. Reagan was a great President and will go down as one of the top five in my book, but he … Continue reading

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