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5 Nov

Could Obamacare be the Coup de grâce for Battered Liberal Syndrome?

Years ago I was talking to an uncle who happens to be a martial arts expert. He told me a story about being in a bar when a man started beating the heck out of his girlfriend. My uncle being … Continue reading

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8 Oct

Why the shutdown scares the petty vindictive little man Barack Obama

Despite the fact that the average federal employee earns $123,000 (2010 numbers) in salary and benefits while the average private sector employee earns $61,000, my sympathy goes out to those who have found themselves on the sidelines because of Barack … Continue reading

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1 Oct

Prosperity’s Bible & Einstein’s Definition of Insanity

Albert Einstein defined Insanity thus: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. One has to wonder what Einstein would think of the left’s continued desire to inflict centralized planning on the citizens of the United … Continue reading

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12 Mar

Regulation vs. Prosperity… America goes gently into that good night

Thanks to the Founding Fathers, in 2013 the United States has built the wealthiest nation in history on free markets and the rule of law. (And thanks to their more recent successors, we’re simultaneously the poorest… but that’s another discussion.) … Continue reading

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4 Mar

Barackalypse Now: The story of one man’s destruction of the American Dream

By now you have figured out that Armageddon did not occur on Friday and the dire warnings from the White House that the nation would essentially collapse were, shall we say, somewhat overstated. That doesn’t mean however that the nation … Continue reading

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18 Feb

How Conservatives can win in a world of “Low Information Voters”

How did Barack Obama win reelection despite 8 million fewer people working and a doubling of gas prices since he took office? Despite a flatlining GDP, $6 trillion in new debt, and the disastrous Benghazi? How is it possible that … Continue reading

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4 Feb

Why I’m a Conservative

Republicans in general, and conservatives in particular, are constantly demonized in the media as greedy, ruthless, heartless, racist sons of bitches who want children to starve, grandma to die and women to be kept barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen … Continue reading

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31 Oct

Mitt Romney as Alexander the Great! He'll have to do more than just play Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama's Jimmy Carter…[Reader Post]

The country is certainly a different place than it was when Andy Griffith was keeping the streets of Mayberry safe from pick pockets or settling disputes between feuding clans. It’s also a different place from the one Ronald Reagan inherited in 1981. While Americans may no longer be tethered to a telephone hanging on the wall or stuck getting their news or entertainment from a newspaper or television, those new freedoms and choices pale in comparison to the freedoms and choices lost in terms of their own economic opportunities.

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7 Aug

Mitt Romney should leverage his tax records to re-educate Americans on the prosperity capitalism can engender [Reader Post]

For months we’ve heard calls from Democrats for Mitt Romney to release his tax records. Last week Harry Reid even claimed he had it from “a number of people” had told him that Mitt Romney had not paid his taxes for a decade and demanded he release them.

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11 Apr

How much is your country really worth to you? [Reader Post]

The pending nomination of Mitt Romney demonstrates that conservatives cannot depend on the GOP to light a fire under the American people about the dangers of the leftist agenda and profligate spending. The danger posed by your mother in law or your best friend are nothing compared to the Taliban or Al Qaeda and the other real dangers our men and women in uniform face every day. How much are you willing to do to make sure that their sacrifice is not in vain? Are you willing to do what it takes to help send the Democrats home?

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