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4 Jun

TSA Is Threatened By Me

I've had my encounters with the TSA on a number of occasions. I would be considered a TSA Troll if such a definition existed. I follow their Twitter and have had some back and forth constitutional arguments with them about … Continue reading

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24 Nov

Step up to the plate, Barack! Be a leader! [Reader Post]

TSA agent in training Show us how it’s done! Barack Obama took a moment of his time to let his servants know that he is sympathetic to the plight of Americans who travel:

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21 Nov

TSA Pervert Exerts His Power Over Beautiful College Student

Do you think those are professionals feeling your genitals? Think Again. Was he hitting on her or conducting a training exercise? You decide, oh by the way, he was fired! After the TSA lied and said he was conducting a … Continue reading

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