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23 Dec

And they say Wayne LaPierre is crazy? I’ll show you crazy.

After tragedies there is often a call for action – any action- regardless of how ineffective it might be. This week Wayne LaPierre of the NRA made a speech in which he called for armed cops in schools and it … Continue reading

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20 Dec

‘One can only hope’ NRA members are shot dead

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10 Jan

Single Issue Stupidity and Rick Santorum [Reader Post]

I remember hearing once that in Shakespeare’s day the cumulative writings an educated person could be expected to encounter over the course of their lifetime was the equivalent one week’s worth of the New York Times. Today things are slightly different in that we get a week’s worth of the New York Times every week – whether we want it or not. In addition, thousands of times that volume of content is every day via print, broadcast and internet media. As such, anyone who doesn’t want to be overwhelmed to the point of becoming catatonic has to focus their attention on sources of news and information they perceive to be reliable, honest and accurate.

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