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3 May

Liberals discover the fungibility of dead children and victims’ families

First it was assault rifles. Then it was high capacity magazines. Now it’s universal background checks. If only we could have our way with these! Then all of our problems are solved. The problem is, all are symbolic and useless … Continue reading

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31 Mar

Liberals don’t mind children dying – just not with assault rifles

Recently Obama played the guilt card in his campaign for gun control as he cranked up the tears. President Obama made an emotional plea for Congress to pass gun-control legislation, telling the political world “shame on us” if it has … Continue reading

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2 Jan

Why don’t liberals want to address the real causes of gun violence?

Liberals have an unending capacity for doing the wrong things. When the economy is hurting, they suck the life out of productive citizens rather than stimulate the economy so all can have the opportunity to do well. Following a tragic … Continue reading

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2 Jan

Newtown, gun regulations, sexy employees and the folly of “doing something”

Two very different news stories stood out for me recently. The first was the story of the killing of 26 innocent women and children at the school in Connecticut. The other was a story out of Iowa where a panel … Continue reading

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