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5 Jun

What Apple Should have Said to Congress [Reader Post]

Baby Bob and his efforts to keep us on our toes have once again knocked me a bit behind the news cycle, but this story was too good to let slip by the wayside. On May 21st Apple CEO Tim … Continue reading

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10 Jan

It’s Time for the Wealthy to Pay for their Fair Share of Taxes, Part II [Reader Post]

I’m not a fan of Ann Coulter – her style is a little too abrasive for me, and while I usually agree with the philosophy of her arguments I’ve generally found her supporting info to be too factually challenged to … Continue reading

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20 Aug

How About a Major Tax Policy Overhaul that Could Actually Work? Introducing the Neutral Tax [Reader Post]

After a local Tea Party meeting one of my fellow attendees reached out to me and asked me to look over a proposal he had for tax reform. Given that this city has no shortage of people with grand ideas I was naturally skeptical. But then I read his proposal for the Neutral Tax, and when I was done reading I had just one thought… “What on Earth did this guy just say?” So I read it again, and it started to make sense. I didn’t share my initial reaction to disparage the Neutral Tax – it’s just that it’s such a different idea from anything I had read before that it didn’t sink in on the first reading.

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