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16 May

Let’s Join With Obama And Supply Pistols That Don’t Jam To These Homicidal Maniacs

If you believe in Obama’s rainbows and unicorns, don’t watch this video. Just join the ranks with the RINOs like McCain and Rubio and march with the Progressives. We can join this insanity and feel good about ourselves. Lest we … Continue reading

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19 Nov

The Benghazi Charlie Foxtrot Continues

We, the media complex of Obama, swear to put the president’s welfare foremost on our agenda. If this means we must sacrifice our honor and integrity, it is but a small price to pay, to insure the best image for the party and the Liberal/Progressive goals of the future.

The Benghazi episode has become an awkward situation for our leader; consequently, it has become imperative, for the state directed media to lead interference, until this inconvenient bump in the road disappears from the public’s consciousness. The Obama bootlickers have sworn allegiance to the Myth of Obama and it has never been more obvious to the semi-literate objective public.

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3 Jul

Is Kagan A Liar

It is interesting that so many congressional members disagree. Kagan was sworn in to the Supreme Court on August 7, 2010. Because of her role as Solicitor General, she has recused herself from 25 of 51 cases the court accepted through December. Ms Kagan maintained that she would recuse herself on any cases brought to the Supreme Court on a case by case basis. She also maintained in written responses that she had no involvement in developing the government’s legal responses to to the health care law and was never asked her views; however, if as the documents portray that she lied, the American public will rightly assume she was lying concerning her own integrity in judging whether it is suitable for her to hear the challenges to the president’s health care Constitutionality.

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26 Jun

Honesty and Integrity, Up Close and Personal

The outfitter told me I’d be taking out an older hunter, to be careful not to over do the hunting and to keep a close watch over him in case he needed to come in early. Whenever there was an unusual hunter, I was chosen to be his or her guide. I didn’t mind, it was a compliment actually; however, rather than thinking of myself as special, I figured I was more likely to remember and follow instructions than the other guides.

There were a bunch of young hunters in their thirties and forties, they were dressed in the latest from the big outdoor shops and they were excited about going on the hunt. They already had several days worth of whiskers, to have “the look” out in the mountains. Personally, the whiskers drive me nuts, but if whiskers made their hunt more enjoyable, then grow some damn whiskers.

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2 Dec

Celebrities And Their Fascination With Socialism

Gary Cooper Plays the lead in ‘Sergeant York’ 1941; a role that set the stage persona of a quiet unassuming man overcoming great odds for good to triumph over evil, an identity that made Cooper the most popular box office … Continue reading

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