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22 Dec

The Grinch who Gave America the Negative Stimulus (Guest Post)

BREAKING: Microsoft exec to oversee Healthcare dot gov. First screenshot leaked! pic.twitter.com/xhUN7Ajmib — Caleb Howe (@CalebHowe) December 17, 2013 Sometimes I shake my head and wonder why the Republican party bothers to exist. The Obamacare debacle has given us a … Continue reading

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19 Dec

Minimum Wage Chickenhawks, Part II (Guest Post)

Our president and his lefty pals are at it again. Now that Obamacare’s failure is all but an historical fact, the president has done exactly what you’d expect him to do – take a laserlike focus on his signature law … Continue reading

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14 Jul

Wal-Mart and Minimum Wage Chicken Hawks [Reader Post]

Job killing leftists have chalked up another victory. Wal-Mart was looking to build three stores in Washington, DC, but the prostitutes serving Big Labor, aka the DC City Council, voted 8-5 to chase them away. What this came in the … Continue reading

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26 Jun

NPR Faces Deep Budget Cuts Due to The Sequester! * [Reader Post]

* It really didn’t. This is actually two relatively short related posts rolled into one. Recently Drudge linked to an article over at Fishbowl DC – the site that proclaims itself as “The Place Where Politics and DC Media Mesh”. … Continue reading

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4 Apr

A Solution to Food Stamp Fraud that Both Sides Can Agree On [Reader Post]

Every few weeks or so a new story pops up in the news regarding Food Stamp (Or SNAP, as is the preferred name among bureaucrats) fraud. We hear how in addition to being used for food as intended, these SNAP cards are … Continue reading

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3 Jan

It’s Time for the Wealthy to Pay their Fair Share of Taxes [Reader Post]

My local news paper, the Falls Church News Press (FCNP) had two interesting articles its December 13th edition. While they seem unrelated on the surface the two actually help to make an interesting point. First off, the FCNP is run … Continue reading

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26 Dec

Ambassadors, Free Birth control Pills, Arab Spring… [Reader Post]

order zithromax online This post is a collection of some random musings – subjects I wanted to mention that weren’t long enough to warrant their own posts. Despite the range of topics this post is a “gun control / gun … Continue reading

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6 Dec

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Fiscal Cliff [Reader Post]

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3 Nov

The Real War on Women [Reader Post]

Personally, I don’t see how every woman is not insulted at how condescending and intellectually shallow the efforts to target their vote have been. Apparently objecting to paying for your abortions or birth control is the equivalent of a ban to this administration. No word if the lefties are ready to self identify as Prohibitionists for failing to pick up my bar tab.

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30 Sep

We Do Not Want a Return to the Policies of George W. Bush [Reader Post]

President Obama and other Democrats like to point out that we can’t afford to return to the failed policies of the Bush administration, trying to link Romney to Bush so that Obama can run against Bush again rather than run on his own record.

It made me stop and think, what if Bush never did leave office?

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