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29 Jul

Why I’m beginning to disagree with Sarah Palin about the impeachment of Barack Obama

I love Sarah Palin, but I’m beginning to disagree with her on impeachment. Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution says the following about impeachment: The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed … Continue reading

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15 Jul

Barack Obama doesn’t see America the way you do

Barack Obama, hailing from Kenya – if only for college application purposes – and growing up in Indonesia, has always had something of an outsider’s perspective of the United States. Even when he lived in the United States, he lived … Continue reading

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8 Jul

Why does Barack Obama have an 83% job approval rating among black Americans when he’s doing so much damage to them?

According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, Barack Obama is rated as the worst president since WWII. That’s no surprise to anyone actually paying attention to the last five years of failure. What’s interesting however is how 40% of the American … Continue reading

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18 Dec

How I reached an Immigrant Voter (Reader Post)

I was speaking with an owner of my gym a couple of weeks ago. He was born and raised in South Korea, and he speaks functional, not fluent, English with a heavy accent. We had never had a long conversation … Continue reading

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13 Aug

Ted Cruz and what the GOP establishment can learn from Osama Bin Laden…

In 1975 & 76 the United States was experiencing a crisis of confidence. Unemployment was at 8.5%, our allies in South Vietnam, who 58,000 American servicemen gave their lives to defend, had just been overrun and the reverberations of an … Continue reading

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13 Feb

Desiline Victor- sorry to burst the happy bubble but…

Desiline Victor was one of the props used by Barack Obama in his State of the Union Address. She has been widely celebrated in the press largely because she waited three hours to vote for Obama. Daily Mail A 102-year-old … Continue reading

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23 Nov

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to live on the dole [ReaderPost]

Among the eligibility requirements for immigration to the United States are these:

Job or Employment Based

People who want to become immigrants based on employment or a job offer may apply for permanent residence or an immigrant visa abroad, when an immigrant visa number becomes available according to the following employment based preferences:

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27 Jun

Barack Obama Jumps the Shark and Lands on the Wedding Cake [Reader Post]

President Obama has jumped the shark. The phrase “Jumping the Shark” dates back to 1977 when the cast of the popular television show Happy Days took a trip out to Los Angeles and The Fonz, played by Henry Winkler, jumped over a shark cage while waterskiing. The original use indicated when a TV program had run out of creative and compelling storylines and began to utilize gimmicks to keep viewers interested such as trips to foreign countries, the introduction of new characters (particularly babies) or cameos by special guest stars. Over the last three decades the idiom has taken on a broader application in that it typically means the beginning of end of something, some endeavor, an erstwhile high flying company, or in this case, a career.

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24 Apr

Amnesty via Executive Order? [Reader Post]

There’s no doubt in my mind what he meant. The United States of America is fundamentally a democratic republic. America’s greatness lies in its promise for equal opportunity, not the promise of equal outcome. Those are the things Obama intends to change.

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11 Feb

The poison of “multiculturalism” [Reader Post]

I think the arguably most poisonous phrase in the contemporary lexicon is the phrase “celebrate diversity.” It represents the antithesis of that for which this country stands. The phrase on our the Great Seal of the United States is “E pluribus unum” meaning “one from many.” Al Gore, however, has his own version.

“We can build a collective civic space large enough for all our separate identities, that we can be e pluribus unum — out of one, many.”

Ironically and unwittingly, Gore had exposed the liberal philosophy.

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