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7 Oct

Thirsty Californians and unemployed New Yorkers – Sacrifices to Liberalism’s Global Warming Delusion

Liberals often live in a fantasy world that ignores the real world right in front of them. They continue to pour trillions of dollars into poverty programs despite the fact that poverty persists and grows. Their go to solution for … Continue reading

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1 Jul

Random Observations on Government

Ronald Reagan was the most conservative president in the last 75 years. Despite interest rates of 20% when he took office, during the first 5 years of his presidency the economy grew by a total of 17.7%. Barack Obama is … Continue reading

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31 May

If lying caused global warming, Obama would already have cooked this planet

Continuing his scaremongering about the end of the world vis-à-vis global warming, Barack Obama decided once again decided to prove that facts mean absolutely nothing to him. President Barack Obama said the curbs on carbon emissions to combat climate change … Continue reading

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10 Dec

Once Again, the Left Blows an Opportunity to End the Debate on Climate Change (Reader Post)

Maybe I’ve been going about this all wrong. For the last few years I’ve been having fun antagonizing leftists by presenting them with inconvenient truths that expose their “science” for the religious cult that it actually is. Naturally, nobody has been able … Continue reading

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26 May

A Memorial Day Weekend in Vermont to remember

It is 26 days before the summer solstice and global warming is again making itself felt(/sarc). These are scenes from yesterday at Okemo Mountain Ludlow VT where we have had a place for more than two decades but have never … Continue reading

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13 Feb

Green Chicken Hawks? [Reader Post]

Yes, it’s time to go back to one of my old favorite topics that I haven’t dedicated any posts to in a while – Global Warming! I haven’t written about it lately because there really hasn’t been too much I … Continue reading

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5 Feb

Study Proves – Watching CNN and MSNBC Makes You Stupid! * [Reader Post]

* Actually, there isn’t one. This is another one of those subjects I wanted to write about a few months ago but it fell on my back burner. Every so often we see some new study that “proves” that Fox … Continue reading

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4 Nov

Democrats for Romney? [Reader Post]

This post is for all of the lefties out there, or for anyone who has a favorite lefty friend still convinced that that an Obama re-election will ultimately make them happier than if Romney were to win on Tuesday. There are a lot of issues that are driving your decision to vote for Obama. We know that there’s the right to pay for the contraception for future one percenters, hating chicken sandwiches, making our country a welcome home to illegal immigrants, telling us how much salt or sugar we’re allowed to consume, or ensuring the right to cast fraudulent votes. Do you know why you care about these issues? Because you can.

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8 Aug

Who Are You Calling an Extremist? [Reader Post]

This might have happened recently or it might just be the “Frog in a pot of boiling water” effect, but the recent controversy around Chick Fil A and gay marriage made me notice how that debate fits into a bigger picture. I’ve read articles, seen blog posts, and seen tons of electrons spilled on Facebook1 over the Chick Fil A / Gay Marriage issue. I’ve noticed that a great deal of the leftist sentiment often uses carefully crafted language to define their opponents’ positions – “against gay rights”, “anti-gay”, or my personal favorite, “Extreme anti-gay”.

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14 Jun

Obama 2nd term: Jobs? economy? Nope. Global Warming! [Reader Post]

If you thought that in a second term Barack Obama would focus like a laser beam on jobs and the economy, think again:

President Obama plans to make climate change his top priority for his second term. No, that’s not from The Onion, a humor publication, but the left-leaning New Yorker. What planet does this president live on?

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