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12 Sep

Obama: The Message Is The Strategy

Fifty years ago the brilliant and always challenging philosopher of communication theory, Marshall McLuhan, wrote Understanding Media, in which he exclaimed, “In a culture like ours, long accustomed to splitting and dividing all things as a means of control, it is sometimes a bit of a shock to be reminded that, in operational and practical fact, the medium is the message.”

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4 Aug

Pentagon Official: The Facts Are In, And Obama’s Policy Is A Direct Danger To The United States (Guest Post)

A bi-partisan panel, partially appointed by Obama Secretary of Defense appointee, Chuck Hagel has found that his policies have left America vulnerable and should be reversed immediately. Strange how the MSM is silent on this one… This article is by … Continue reading

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16 Sep

This government SUCKS

Image courtesy Mandy Howard There is just so much wrong with this atrocious Obama regime that posting it all in the Most Wanted section would completely overwhelm it. So here we go: By any measure, Barack Obama had head handed … Continue reading

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7 Aug

False flag?

False Flag: False flag (or black flag) describes covert military or paramilitary operations designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities, groups or nations than those who … Continue reading

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30 May

How President Obama Can Resolve All of the Scandals, or Why I Don’t Have a Career in Politics [Reader Post]

It seems that lately each day brings either a new scandal or some sickening new wrinkle to an existing one. Naturally, this administration does what every administration does, only the Obama White House seems to have turned it into an … Continue reading

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7 Jan

Secretary of State? John Kerry Belongs in Jail! [Reader Post]

It looks like John Kerry will soon be our next Secretary of State. The initial nominee, Susan Rice, went down as a sacrificial lamb so that the Republicans can say that they got their pound of flesh and President Obama … Continue reading

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5 Nov

The curious path to the end of Moammar Gaddafi [Reader Post]

Barack Obama said this about Muammar Gaddafi’s death:

For four decades, the Qaddafi regime ruled the Libyan people with an iron fist. Basic human rights were denied. Innocent civilians were detained, beaten and killed. And Libya’s wealth was squandered. The enormous potential of the Libyan people was held back, and terror was used as a political weapon.

The path to Gaddafi’s end has been a very strange one.

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25 Oct

The face of the new Libya [Reader Post]

This sort of thing really warms the heart:

Muammar Gaddafi’s ‘trophy’ body on show in Misrata meat store

Gaddafi’s body is now a Libya tourist attraction:

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13 Sep

We have boots on the ground in Libya [Reader Post]

You an an idiot to believe anything Barack Obama says

Despite repeated assurances from President Obama and military leaders that the U.S. would not send uniformed military personnel into Libya, four U.S. service members arrived on the ground in Tripoli over the weekend.

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11 Jun

The Fundamentalist Islamic Spring [Reader Post]

Word comes that Barack Obama has engaged the United States into a fourth war- in Yemen. Once again this is done without the advice or consent of Congress. This diminutive property on the Arabian Peninsula is clearly an imminent threat to the United States. As the costs for Barack’s Libyan adventure spiral to who knows where Obama finds another swamp in which to mire the United States. The guy who was dead set against the war in Iraq has now initiated two of his own wars. The guy who said “Change in the region will not and cannot be imposed by the United States or any foreign power” has toppled one government in the Middle East and is waging war on two more.

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