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4 Dec

Higher taxes are “just the beginning” [Reader Post]

This will surprise few readers of FA: A group of House Democrats has formed its own “Gang of Six” to push for progressive tax reform — in which the expiration of the Bush-era tax rates for the wealthiest Americans is … Continue reading

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11 Apr

You can only contain your inner Lenin for so long [Reader Post]

The real Vladimir Ilyich Obama stands up

As part of his fantasy “deficit reduction” plan, Barack Obama proposed a number of new taxes. One of them was the so-called “Buffett Rule.” When it was initially proposed, it was part of the plan to reduce the deficit.

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7 Feb

The Goal In The General Election

I’ve been posting on my blog for sometime the many reasons why I will support McCain in the General election. Two big reasons. The Supreme Court and the War on Terror. today Hugh Hewitt wrote about the very real danger … Continue reading

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