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5 Nov

Could Obamacare be the Coup de grâce for Battered Liberal Syndrome?

Years ago I was talking to an uncle who happens to be a martial arts expert. He told me a story about being in a bar when a man started beating the heck out of his girlfriend. My uncle being … Continue reading

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6 Aug

Obama seeks race-based school discipline policies. That’s what got Trayvon Martin killed

The scene: Two school kids aged 12, one white, one black, beat a Hispanic child in a school classroom. The white child is suspended. The black child is absolved of responsibility. Welcome to Obama’s New World of Race Based Discipline … Continue reading

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28 Jun

Open Letter To All 18 Year Olds

Congratulations on your arrival to the voter list, and congratulations to all who are graduating.  Some of you are heading into colleges and universities.  Some of you are hitting the streets to knock on doors in search of jobs.  Some … Continue reading

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11 Apr

Parenting Chicken Hawks? [Reader Post]

The conservasphere has been having a field day with this one. In case you haven’t seen it yet, MSNBC has a new “Lean Forward” ad campaign featuring on-air personality Melissa Harris-Perry weighing in on public education, and how it relates to … Continue reading

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9 Mar

Thought Crimes And Pastry Guns [Reader Post]

Recently, a school in the once great state of Maryland offered counseling to students “troubled” by a classmate eating pastry into the shape of a gun. You might think his offense was kind of silly, but the school considered the … Continue reading

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5 Feb

Study Proves – Watching CNN and MSNBC Makes You Stupid! * [Reader Post]

* Actually, there isn’t one. This is another one of those subjects I wanted to write about a few months ago but it fell on my back burner. Every so often we see some new study that “proves” that Fox … Continue reading

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26 Oct

The Teacher’s Unions are more dangerous to America than Al Qaeda [Reader Post]

I’ve just returned from watching the movie Waiting for Superman. (The title refers to waiting for the Man of Steel to come to the rescue…) My first reaction was to think back on my post from last month about the … Continue reading

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3 Oct

Ed Schultz Has His Head…..Somewhere [Reader Post]

First of all, Schultzie and his left wingnut minions turned the Washington mall into a dump. So when you next hear how liberals want to save the planet, stick this up point out this set of videos and images. Democrats … Continue reading

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29 Sep

Post-Racial America? Not So Much For DC Voters…[Reader Post]

With the election of Barack Obama as President the United States was supposed to be transitioning to the post racial America. Unfortunately for the children attending the public schools of the District of Columbia, someone forgot to tell their parents. … Continue reading

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12 Sep

One of Education’s Biggest Problems: High Standards [Reader Post]

Education is filled with problems today.  Lax discipline, unions, lousy teachers, lousy parents, single-parent homes, drugs, and the sad spiritual state of our country. So what do Democrats think we should do?  Send more money to the schools and raise … Continue reading

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