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26 Dec

Bring on the Rain (Guest Post)

Imagine playing God and taking the rain before it falls and putting it in the lakes and oceans without it ever having to fall. What would happen? Well simply put, the rain that didn’t fall on the mountains, hills, and … Continue reading

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19 Dec

Minimum Wage Chickenhawks, Part II (Guest Post)

Our president and his lefty pals are at it again. Now that Obamacare’s failure is all but an historical fact, the president has done exactly what you’d expect him to do – take a laserlike focus on his signature law … Continue reading

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14 Jul

Wal-Mart and Minimum Wage Chicken Hawks [Reader Post]

Job killing leftists have chalked up another victory. Wal-Mart was looking to build three stores in Washington, DC, but the prostitutes serving Big Labor, aka the DC City Council, voted 8-5 to chase them away. What this came in the … Continue reading

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5 Jun

What Apple Should have Said to Congress [Reader Post]

Baby Bob and his efforts to keep us on our toes have once again knocked me a bit behind the news cycle, but this story was too good to let slip by the wayside. On May 21st Apple CEO Tim … Continue reading

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4 Apr

A Solution to Food Stamp Fraud that Both Sides Can Agree On [Reader Post]

Every few weeks or so a new story pops up in the news regarding Food Stamp (Or SNAP, as is the preferred name among bureaucrats) fraud. We hear how in addition to being used for food as intended, these SNAP cards are … Continue reading

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2 Apr

It’s Time for the President to Lead by Example (Reader Post)

We survived The Fiscal Cliff, and the Sequester has come and amazingly a small reduction in the rate of growth to the federal government’s spending has not led to the collapse of the American economy. Granted, the president has chosen … Continue reading

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13 Feb

Green Chicken Hawks? [Reader Post]

Yes, it’s time to go back to one of my old favorite topics that I haven’t dedicated any posts to in a while – Global Warming! I haven’t written about it lately because there really hasn’t been too much I … Continue reading

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5 Feb

Study Proves – Watching CNN and MSNBC Makes You Stupid! * [Reader Post]

* Actually, there isn’t one. This is another one of those subjects I wanted to write about a few months ago but it fell on my back burner. Every so often we see some new study that “proves” that Fox … Continue reading

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23 Jan

Failing Upward [Reader Post]

A few weeks ago Cafe Hayek published a letter that cofounder Don Boudreaux had sent to NPR in response to an interview with outgoing Congressman Pete Stark: Here’s a letter to NPR reporter Julie Rovner: Ms. Julie Rovner Morning Edition … Continue reading

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10 Jan

It’s Time for the Wealthy to Pay for their Fair Share of Taxes, Part II [Reader Post]

I’m not a fan of Ann Coulter – her style is a little too abrasive for me, and while I usually agree with the philosophy of her arguments I’ve generally found her supporting info to be too factually challenged to … Continue reading

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