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18 Nov

Barack Obama’s Amnesty won’t be legal, but it will likely be permanent…

Sometime over the course of the next week Barack Obama is likely going grant amnesty to millions of people who are in the United States illegally. He’s doing this very much against the will of an overwhelming majority of American … Continue reading

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4 Nov

Obamacare, WW II and how hubris undermines citizen confidence in government

I recently heard a broadcast minute from Neal Boortz. He said the following: During the 3 1/2 years of U.S. involvement (in WW II), here’s what we manufactured: 8 battleships, 22 aircraft carriers, 48 cruisers, 349 destroyers, 420 destroyer escorts, … Continue reading

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27 Oct

Illegitimacy: America’s racist past and present dooms its present and future…

I recently got into a lengthy discussion with some friends that makes me wonder how much longer the country can survive. Why? Because of such starkly different views on the nation, our history and the role of government. Frankly, I’ve … Continue reading

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18 Mar

King Barack, the Declaration of Independence and a Textbook Definition of Tyranny

The two great founding documents in American history are the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. Today, more than two centuries after each was written, people often conflate the two. How often have you heard someone say “It’s my … Continue reading

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24 Dec

Congress allows Barack Obama to exercise his inner John Marshall… and they will live to regret it.

In 1803 Chief Justice John Marshall changed the face of American government. He did it in such a subtle way that few people understood the consequences of his act at the time. After losing the election of 1800 and in … Continue reading

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23 Nov

Why Should Obama Be Bound By The US Constitution? (Reader Post)

“… he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed …[.]” That phrase comes directly from the US Constitution, Article II, Section 3. The “he” refers to the president of the United States. This phrase leaves no wiggle room, … Continue reading

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20 Aug

The road from Republic to Dictatorship is paved with “good intentions”, like Obama’s Obamacare delays…

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a watershed piece of legislation in American history. Based on the 15th Amendment, it outlawed discrimination based on racial, ethnic, religious and gender criteria. You probably don’t realize it, but it’s likely that … Continue reading

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30 Jul

From your Facebook passwords to Section 8 housing… why Barack Obama should be impeached for dismantling the very Constitution he swore to preserve, protect and defend.

We all know that Barack Obama was a Constitutional Law professor at the University of Chicago. He spent more than a decade lecturing on what is possibly the greatest document ever written by men. Later, when elected to the Senate … Continue reading

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3 Jul

With Prop 8 the cowardly Supreme Court eviscerates citizen’s rights

Louisiana is a great state. Home to Bourbon Street, jazz, and perhaps most importantly, the antics of the Robertsons of Duck Dynasty fame. On a less positive note the state is currently the home of the nation’s highest rate of … Continue reading

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28 Jun

Open Letter To All 18 Year Olds

Congratulations on your arrival to the voter list, and congratulations to all who are graduating.  Some of you are heading into colleges and universities.  Some of you are hitting the streets to knock on doors in search of jobs.  Some … Continue reading

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