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29 Dec

What America would look like with strict gun laws

Following the Newtown massacre there has been an outcry from the left for more and tougher gun laws. Sen. Dianne Feinstein has proposed another assault weapons ban with more teeth than the previous ban. Exactly what are consequences of tough … Continue reading

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1 Aug

Muslim homophobia and anti-Semitism: the values of Chicago [Reader Post]

Rahm Emanuel put on a display of pomposity and indignation a few days ago when he suggested that Chik-Fil-A, whose President opposes gay marriage on the basis of his religion, was not welcome in Chicago because Chik-Fil-A allegedly does not share “Chicago values.”

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10 Feb

It’s for the children [Reader Post]

Whenever money is at stake, teachers’ unions invariably resort to the emotional canard of

“It’s for the children.”

But inevitably when the budget ax falls, it always falls on whatever the children like the most. Generally, teachers’ unions are so avaricious that they would rather see positions eliminated rather than accept a small sacrifice. Chris Christie proved that last fall. Democrats even cut funding for food stamps in order to stuff $24 million into teachers’ unions.

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16 Oct

Barack Obama: 2+2=5 [Reader Post]

Just politics as usual from an ordinary politician:

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18 Jun

Obama’s Stalinist Tactics: Purge, Consolidate, Control [Reader Post]

There was a seemingly innocuous piece on Politico the other day. I saw it, and kept going, but my mind kept wandering back to it. It was titled, “Obama moves DNC operations to Chicago.” In a major shakeup at the … Continue reading

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24 May

Obama Built His Entire Legislative Record in Illinois in a Single Year, And None of it Was His [Reader Post]

In 2000, a young 20-something reporter, Todd Spivak was assigned to cover local Chicago politics. Obama was just a rank-and-file state senator in Illinois. It was 2000 and I was a young, hungry reporter at the Hyde Park Herald and … Continue reading

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