17 Jan

Weather Underground Terrorist Bernadine Dohrn Lectures America About Guns

Guns in the hands of law abiding Americans is bad and racism or something. It’s totally different if you’re an activist who was just trying to off some imperialist pigs:

Watch Out for Fake Gun Control Reforms

Almost none of us want automatic or semi-automatic weapons in the hands of children or youth. The challenge is to make sure that the push toward a new wave of gun control laws in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut, tragedy does not include the failed cliches of more police in schools, more searches of children and adolescents, or greater criminalization of young people.

We want gun control that sanctions manufacturers, distributors and adults who place, and profit from, deadly weapons in the possession of youth. We want military-style weaponry banned. We want smaller schools with nurses and social workers, librarians and parent volunteers – all of which are shown to contribute to less disruption and less violence. Let’s promote gun-control provisions and regulations that enhance teaching and learning as well as justice and safety for children, not those that will further incarcerate, punish and demonize young people of color. We’ve been there before.

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Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 20 years.

9 Responses to Weather Underground Terrorist Bernadine Dohrn Lectures America About Guns

  1. Petercat says: 1

    “Almost none of us want automatic or semi-automatic weapons in the hands of children or youth.”
    Well, I’m one who does.
    In the company of a knowledgeable adult. The best way to keep a child safe around guns is to train them in the proper use of guns. I’ve trained many, as young as 6 years old.
    My experience in training children backs up my belief that children are much more capable than most adults believe, if the adults allow them to be.
    One of the things that I’ve noticed is that girls will generally outshoot boys in the beginning. Not from any innate ability, but from the fact that girls will listen more carefully, and do as I tell them. Boys seem to believe that they’ve watched enough TV or played enough video games that they don’t need to pay attention to what I tell them about stance, grip, breathing, or sights.

    I was with three kids, after a morning at the range. We’d stopped at a local family restaurant, and were examining and critiquing used targets. A woman at another table overheard us, and loudly accused me of training children to be killers.
    I asked her if she’d ever had sex education, and when she replied, “Of course. Why?”
    I replied, “So, you have been trained to be a prostitute, then?”
    Which started her off again.

    I can’t claim credit, I’d heard that comment elsewhere, never expected to be in a position to use it.

  2. drjohn says: 2

    “Use bombs instead like we did!”

  3. Bobachek says: 3

    Nothing like being lectured by a domestic terrorist about gun control….Why she and Ayers haven’t been at the end of a short drop and quick stop is beyond me…

  4. retire05 says: 4

    Billy Ayers, and his felon wife’s Communist manifesto can be found on the internet. Just search for Prarie Fire/William Ayers.

    Dohrn and Ayers also believed that only the “resistance” should have weapons which would enable them to round up millions of people for North Korean styled “re-education” camps. They believed that millions would have to die in those camps in order to encourage Americans to accept their Communist utopia.

    Yeah, they both should have swung from a gallows a long time ago. Instead, Ayers went on to be a respected “educator” and help create a president. Where is a Chicago thug when you need him?

  5. Disenchanted says: 5

    What has come out about sandy hook is that NO assault weapons were used. The guy had them in his car, but when everything was said and done, he took other weapons and left the assault weapons. Of course you won’t hear much about it. Although it doesn’t change what happened, obama is using lies to further push his agenda.

  6. Hard Right says: 6

    I recall an FBI informant saying how her husband was all for the murder of a few million Americans who wouldn’t “conform”.
    So it comes as no surprise that she wants the peasants disarmed. If that isn’t reason enough to tell vermin like tom, greg, and rich to go f*** themselves, nothing is.

  7. Ditto says: 7


    As a freshman in high school, one of the classes I was enrolled in was JROTC (The Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) where we learned respect, discipline and were also trained in the safe handling, disassemble, cleaning and lubricating, reassembly and firing of firearms. In JROTC summer camp, (aside from other training) we were trained by Green Berets on the operation of a bipod mount M60 Machine Gun, and we were all allowed to fire a short fully-automatic burst at a target (with tracers every 5th round, at night. Very cool!).

  8. jb books says: 8

    POS bitch.



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