29 Nov

Howard Kurtz: Only Beck Could Possibly Be So Brazen As To Put Religious Figure in A Vat of Urine

Ace @ Ace of Spades HQ:

The backstory you probably know already — Glenn Beck took an Obama bobblehead and stuck it in a mason jar of urine (or a liquid colored to look like urine), as a multiple-pronged parody, to skewer 1, liberals’ embrace of “Piss Christ” artist Andre Serrano, 2, many liberals’ embrace of Obama as an actual Christ and “lord and savior,” and 3, the inevitable hypocrisy which would ensue when liberals began denouncing the Glenn Beck Piss Obama after having defended Andre Serrano’s Piss Christ.

Glenn Beck seems to have given the targets of his parody too much credit, though. They don’t even realize the Piss Obama piece is a parody of an earlier one.

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5 Responses to Howard Kurtz: Only Beck Could Possibly Be So Brazen As To Put Religious Figure in A Vat of Urine

  1. FedUp says: 1

    Really??? Obama is a religious figure? What effrontery and, did I mention a massive ego? If our country was not at such a great risk of disappearing at the malicious hands of our Anti-American in chief, this story would be HI-larious! As it is, we are in danger of losing everything that makes this country great.

  2. FedUp
    yes, I think so too.
    even more now, he has nothing to lose,

  3. Liberal1 (Objectivity) says: 3

    Beck would do anything to get publicity.

  4. Liberal1
    no, you’re wrong, it’s like this;
    BECK would do anything to reach people with the truth he send

  5. Hard Right says: 5

    Gee, lib#2 ducks the issue hypocrisy from his side. What a shock.


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