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27 Nov

Obama Ensures Our Status As The Laughingstock Of The World Endures

Obama supported fanatical islam when they took over Libya and Egypt. He had our country run from Iraq without ensuring the victories we achieved there would be maintained. He made a deal with the devil and turned his back on … Continue reading

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11 Sep

The President’s PinPrick Speech

Just a quick roundup of just some of the reactions that I’ve come across in my web surf this morning….

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19 Mar

10 Yr Anniversary of OIF: The Lie that Bush Lied

A “lie” and a “mistake” are not the same thing.

As the 10th anniversary of OIF arrives, Peter Feaver goes through some of the most prevalent myths regarding the wrongful narrative that “Bush lied, people died”:

1. The Bush administration went to war against Iraq because it thought (or claimed to think) Iraq had been behind the 9/11 attacks.

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16 Feb


Who is “Blake”?

Blake is “the angel”:

Sometimes, the right thing does happen….

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12 Feb

Funeral Procession for Chris Kyle, Texan National Hero

WACO (February 12, 2013)—The funeral procession for slain Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, which the Department of Public Safety says may be the longest in U.S. history, passed through Central Texas on Interstate 35 Tuesday morning on its way to the Texas State Cemetery where Kyle will be laid to rest.

Hundreds of residents lined the highway and packed highway overpasses to pay tribute to the slain war hero.

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10 Feb


Retired Army Ranger captain, Blake Hall:

His name was Mohammed; we called him Roy to protect his identity while he accompanied my platoon of scouts and snipers on combat patrols in Baghdad from December 2006 to September 2007. Roy, a mere teenager at the time, was our interpreter — and a highly skilled one. He questioned insurgent leaders we had captured; he served as my eyes and ears among the local population; he was like a younger brother to me and the scout team leader responsible for him. Roy died in a house bombing in Diyala province in January 2008 along with sixAmerican soldiers from the platoon that replaced mine in Iraq. I cry every time I write that sentence, just like I cried the first time I spoke with his mom.

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9 Oct

Did Gog and Magog “tell” President Bush to go to war in Iraq?

“After Bush told Jacques Chirac that biblical prophecies were being fulfilled and specifically that ‘Gog and Magog are at work in the Middle East,’ the French president decided, in Eichenwald’s words, that ‘France was not going to fight a war based on an American president’s interpretation of the Bible.’”

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26 Sep

President Obama deserves credit for irresponsibly “ending” the Iraq War

“Well, let’s see what I’ve done since I came into office. I said I’d end the war in Iraq. I did.”
-President Obama interviewed on 60 Minutes last Sunday

President Obama once again takes credit for something that he deserves zero credit for: The “end” of the war in Iraq. That “war” (or insurgency), for the most part, ended on Bush’s watch, post-surge and Awakening successes. The hard decision which made conditions for troop withdrawal possible- and the one which then senator Obama opposed- was made by President Bush:

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18 Sep

“I Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear to preserve, protect and defend Islam from the Consitution of the United States” [Reader Post]

June 4, 2009

“I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

Not Catholicism. Not Judaism. Only Islam.

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28 May

Memorial Day MSNBC Epic Fail: Our Fallen Heroes Evidently Aren't Heroes [Reader Post]

I come from a family with a proud military history. My father was a Leatherneck in WWII, seeing heavy action in the South Pacific. He was in the invasion of Okinawa and stood awestruck one August morning when he saw that mushroom cloud over Hiroshima. My younger brother also served his country in the First Gulf War in the Navy, ultimately deciding to become a family man rather than take the PST to qualify for the Navy Seals after he was approached by his CO.

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