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11 May

Michelle Obama discovers Boko Haram just now?

Curious. About three weeks ago Boko Haram abducted 300 girls in Nigeria and is threatening to sell them as slaves. Michelle Obama has just discovered Boko Haram. She’s “outraged.” She sees her own daughters in this horrible event and she … Continue reading

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10 May

Photo of the Day

While I’m not one to bash Michelle Obama over this, I found this amusing, in response to the First Lady’s hashtag photo: A friend of BlackFive’s from Ranger Up posted the following: Photo credit: Katy Gunderson

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8 Sep

A Shot Across The Bow

Cry ‘Havoc,’ and Let Slip the Dogs of War These few words, give pause to all but the most dense, when leaders pound the drums of war and death. Only a few understand the real message, yet reading these words … Continue reading

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9 Jul

To Force Feed or Starve?

Remember when Christopher Hitchens and “Mancow” requested to be waterboarded so that they could experience how unpleasant the whole sensation is? Well, enter Actor and rapper Mos Def: Rapper Mos Def, now known as Yasiin Bey, has been filmed being … Continue reading

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8 Feb

John Brennan’s CIA Confirmation Hearing: Send in the Clowns

“Mr. Brennan, congratulations on your nomination. As you can see, it’s going to be lively.”
-Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein

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16 May

Bush & Co. Tried by a Toothless Kangaroo “Court of Conscience”

THE Kuala Lumpur Tribunal on War Crimes sat for five days in the courtroom at the Al-Bukhary Foundation to listen to charges against George W. Bush, Richard B. Cheney, Donald H. Rumsfeld, Alberto Gonzalez, David Addington, William Haynes II, Jay Byber and John Choon Yoo of the United States for the torture of detainees held in the Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo detention camps.

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29 Apr

A Rose In The Outhouse

There are few realists who will argue that the MSM isn’t functioning as a propaganda bureau for Obama. There are a few operatives for the Left who complain with righteous indignation that media is in the “tank” for the GOP, but no one in touch with reality takes this outlandish diversion seriously. Most people are intuitive enough to recognize blatant dishonesty, especially when the subject matter requires the reader/viewer to ignore common sense to accept the premise of the deception.

Vogue is the medium, Asma al-Assad (wife of the Syria’s hereditary dictator for life) is the subject, and deception is the game, but deception for the sake of deception is little more than the musings of a pathological liar. No indeed, our propagandists are not pathological liars, they have definitive purposes to justify their lies and deceit.

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