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15 Jan

It’s Official: The Left and President Obama Partner-Up With Islam

Tuesday, Josh Earnest announced, the United States and President Obama will not be using the words “Radical Islam” to describe the actions of radical Islamists who perpetrate terror in the name of Islam. In defense of Islam, Josh pointed out, … Continue reading

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4 Feb

“…And another great day in this, the greatest country on God’s green earth.”

That is the opening and closing tagline to the Michael Medved Show. And it annoys some people. Whether true or not (and it’s true), apparently taking pride in one’s country and expressing it so blatantly and unapologetically is an offensive … Continue reading

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31 Oct

Pointless Terrorism

The Cajun people of Louisiana are some of my favorite people; at one point in my life, I considered dropping out and joining this group of hard living hedonists, but my straight laced Mennonite indoctrination still had a tenuous hold … Continue reading

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1 May

Moral Equivalency In A Troubled Land

Surely no one doubts the validity of the claim that our major news sources are propaganda bureaus for the president. Such a suggestion a few decades ago would have been unthinkable, but these days, the only ones who refuse to admit the obvious are the unthinkable.

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27 Mar

Welcome To Indoctrination University…Where Liberals Are Always Right

Dr. Deandre Poole, the vice chairman of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party, was teaching a class at Florida Atlantic University and told his students to write Jesus on a piece of paper and then place it on the ground … Continue reading

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8 Oct

“In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue…”

“In fourteen hundred ninety-two/ Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

“He had three ships and left from Spain/ He sailed through sunshine, wind and rain.”
— Source Unknown

I’m old enough to remember a time when Christopher Columbus Day was a national holiday that was widely celebrated rather than shamefully downplayed and derided. Columbus has become the symbolic white devil harbinger of all that is evil about America’s founding: genocide and manifest destiny imperialism; slavery and racism; annihilation and exploitation of peaceful, “noble savages” living in harmony with the environment.

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