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4 Nov

Photo of the Day

I’m sure no one here needs reminding; but just in case you forget or lack the motivation, Governor Jay Nixon sent a tweet out this morning with a clear message: “GET YOUR @$$-CRACK OUT TO THE VOTING BOOTHS TODAY! The … Continue reading

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24 Oct

7th century beliefs with 21st century technology

For jihadis who wish to plunge us back into the 7th-12th century, they have dangerously embraced the tools of the 21st century to achieve their aim of restoring the Islamic Caliphate. They have been savvy in jihadi recruitment through Hollywood-inspired … Continue reading

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20 Aug

George Dubbya Bush Waterboarded!

By the former First Lady, Laura Bush: Nominated by his daughter, NBC news correspondent Jenna Bush Hager, and golfer Rory McIlroy, the former PotUS has himself nominated another former PotUS: Bill Clinton (who could probably use the cold shower- *ba … Continue reading

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10 May

Photo of the Day

While I’m not one to bash Michelle Obama over this, I found this amusing, in response to the First Lady’s hashtag photo: A friend of BlackFive’s from Ranger Up posted the following: Photo credit: Katy Gunderson

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16 Jun

A Brave New World of Surveillance and Erosion of Privacy?

Aside from fears of government intrusion into the private lives of ordinary citizens, what about intrusion from the private business sector of telecoms, internet apps companies, credit card services, and private data aggregators?

I finally took time out to watch the 2002 film “Minority Report“.

Within the movie, which takes place in something like 2056, iris-recognition technology is fully integrated into society:

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24 Jan

Knowing How To Survive Winter

America is much safer with Janet Napolitano in charge of Homeland Security. Taking advantage of the Nanny State Philosophy being imposed upon America, she can now advise us on how to survive the inevitable winter storms we are experiencing because … Continue reading

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10 Mar

Invisible Children’s Propaganda Viral Video

I’m so sick of this viral fad video, I’m posting this counter-video up on my FB:

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2 Feb

Latest Facebook Share: Susan G. Komen

Is this all about politics from one side as pro-abortion liberals attest?

Quite often when I log onto Facebook, I notice in my news feed that certain memes become popular, passed around amongst my liberal friends. The latest is in regards to Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Planned Parenthood:

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