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15 Jan

It’s Official: The Left and President Obama Partner-Up With Islam

Tuesday, Josh Earnest announced, the United States and President Obama will not be using the words “Radical Islam” to describe the actions of radical Islamists who perpetrate terror in the name of Islam. In defense of Islam, Josh pointed out, … Continue reading

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14 Jan

The self-annointed defender of all things Islam

At first I thought it was simply stupid. At first I thought someone screwed up. That’s not it. Obama chose not to go. He didn’t want to go. He didn’t want to offend Islamic terrorists and have to call them … Continue reading

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9 Jan

What Islam brings to the world today

It’s called the “Religion of Peace.” It’s described as “tolerant.” It’s bullshit. Let’s review what Islam brings to the world lately, beyond the Charlie Hebdo murders. Radical Islam a growing threat to sub-Saharan Christians – report Radical Islamists were the … Continue reading

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7 Jan

Obama: “The future must not belong to those who would slander the prophet of Islam”

Remember those words? Barack Obama uttered them in September of 2012 while he was apologizing for the video that his administration claimed was the cause of the Benghazi attacks. Someone took those words to heart. At least twelve people have … Continue reading

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25 Dec

“Have yourself….a Muslim little Christmas….”

Christmas. It’s not just for Christians, anymore. I recognize that Christmas is a Christian, religious holiday- I love that it is! That the “Christ” in “Christmas” belongs there, unmolested. But as a non-Christian who has grown up celebrating the rituals … Continue reading

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24 Dec

Meet the man who set into motion the events that led to Eric Garner’s death

This is Philip Banks. Until recently he was the Chief of Department in the NYPD, the highest ranking black police office in the NYPD. Philip Banks set into motion the events that led to Garner’s death: An order to crack … Continue reading

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