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23 Sep

The Human Story as Told by DNA

The story of mankind is essentially a story of migration and of reproduction of the species. In the past we relied on archaeological evidence and fossils to tell us of early man, but fossils are limited, because of the conditions … Continue reading

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10 May

It’s time to put NASA out of its misery

I was absolutely thrilled by the advent of manned space exploration. It was an exciting time. I followed the program in minute detail. I still know the names of every Mercury astronaut and most of the Gemini astronauts as well. … Continue reading

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10 Mar

Eco-fascist bullying

Climate change skeptics are headed the way of Christians in Egypt and the left is readying the machetes and torches. Yesterday Harry Reid declared “Climate change deniers still exist. They exist, I’m sorry to say, in this Congress. … Climate … Continue reading

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21 Sep

The Freedom of Flight: From an Eagle’s Perspective

Shot in Chamonix near the Mer De Glace (Sea of Ice) – the longest glacier in France: Only birds and aerial vehicles can soar around the European Alps, but a thrilling point-of-view video lets you vicariously take flight over the … Continue reading

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19 Jun

Where do we come from? And what’s the point?

Some longtime readers may remember a bit of my background:

I was born in 1968, Phoenix, Arizona. My ethnicity? Thai. Beyond that, I have no knowledge of my birth heritage and biological parents, as I was given up for adoption.

I’ve always had a pretty strong memory.

Something that I have rarely shared with people, and which is deeply personal for me, but which I am willing to share with you readers and the NSA, is my earliest memory:

The moment of my birth.

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16 Jun

A Brave New World of Surveillance and Erosion of Privacy?

Aside from fears of government intrusion into the private lives of ordinary citizens, what about intrusion from the private business sector of telecoms, internet apps companies, credit card services, and private data aggregators?

I finally took time out to watch the 2002 film “Minority Report“.

Within the movie, which takes place in something like 2056, iris-recognition technology is fully integrated into society:

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30 Dec

A Wild Evening At Comanche Station

The Voyage of Discovery, led by Lewis and Clark in 1803, took three years to travel to the West Coast and back. There was a desire to shorten the time for continental travel and mail delivery; the stage coach was the logical choice, but the logistics were almost overwhelming. There would need to be blacksmiths, harness makers, drivers and conductors, and many way stations. Horse feed was an overwhelming problem; horses need a minimum thirty pounds of forage a day to maintain their health. When hundreds or thousands of horses are using the same limited pasture, the natural graze begins to disappear. Yet the relentless stream of coaches continued to arrive at way stations, looking for fresh well-fed horses and possibly a hot meal.

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2 Dec

“Extreme Weather” The New Term Of Choice By Warmists

Oh, and remember the cries from those same zealots that Hurricane Sandy was caused by global warming….not so much according to Martin Hoerling, who chairs the NOAA’s climate variability research program and oversees NOAA’s Climate Scene Investigators:

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22 Aug

The 6 Quadrillion Dollar Climate Change Scam

President Vaclav Klaus delivered the keynote address this year to the World Federation of Scientists:

The real problem is not climate or global warming, but the Global Warming Doctrine and its consequences. They may eventually bring us close to a real planetary emergency. Absolutely unnecessarily, without any connection with global temperature.

This doctrine, as a set of beliefs, is an ideology, if not a religion. It lives independently on the science of climatology.

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15 Jul

The OMG Particle: If Greed is the Answer – What is the Question? [Reader Post]

Joy has indeed descended upon “Mudville” as the mighty LHC smashed a home run and CMS and ATLAS scored in the bottom of the ninth – just as the lights were about to be turned off. It seems that “the cumulative budget deficit originating from LHC construction [believed to have cost $6.5 billion so far - up from a $4.5 billion budget] has not been [sic] payed yet”. Serious budget cuts are planned mostly for future R&D, pension funds are underfunded by $1.7 billion (Dollars and Swiss Francs are roughly equal in value) and the European economic crisis is having a negative effect on sponsor contributions.

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