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20 Aug

Even a Drunken 22 Year Old Can See the Problems with Medicaid Expansion (Guest Post)

Many years back, shortly after graduating from college some buddies and I went out to a surf-bar themed club somewhere near Philly. I was wandering with my friend Maury and his buddy Parker1 when I came up with an ingenious … Continue reading

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28 Jun

The new War in Iraq begs the question, can Obama ever manage to get out of his own way? (Guest Post)

The reignited war in Iraq is the latest result of a long string of incompetent decisions made by President Barack Obama. His premature decision to withdraw from Iraq left a power vacuum that the Islamic State in Iraq and the … Continue reading

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7 Jan

Is it Time to Raise the Voting Age? (Guest Post)

The short answer to my question is, “No”. So why the title of this post? A while back I read a business article about some company president (I can’t remember the source now) who liked to stoke ideas in meetings … Continue reading

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2 Jan

Anti-Social (Guest Post)

There is a good reason that socialism is not a good fit for Americans. We’re not very social. We have a history of isolationism due to our geography but more so due to the fact that our country is made … Continue reading

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18 Nov

Obamacare grandfathering rules were written AFTER the law was passed.

Adrienne’s Corner: Did Obama write the regulation to cancel your insurance after Obamacare was passed?… Rand Paul says he did. And the democrats (you know – the ones who claim they didn’t know anything about this) voted to keep the … Continue reading

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14 Nov

An Old Fart Looks at Hell and Finds Some Small Temporal Comfort (Reader Post)

I am at the point in my life where the slow collapse into total uselessness has become undeniable and while I am not in imminent peril of shuffling off to meet my maker, I scrutinize and question my mortality with … Continue reading

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10 Aug

Reid Admits It….Single-Payer Was Their Intention All Along

As I wrote about in my earlier post….the whole system was designed to fail and either lawmakers were too stupid to understand this or knew it from the beginning, and wanted it: From the administration’s point of view, conceding that … Continue reading

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13 Jul

What Bias?….Obama Holds Secret Meeting With Progressive Journo’s

Yeah, no bias…. The White House held a background briefing Friday to discuss Obamacare implementation with a handful of journalists from liberal and progressive outlets. Slate blogger Matthew Yglesias posted a photograph to Instagram Friday featuring himself and other liberal … Continue reading

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2 Jul

Praise for Michael Bloomberg! [Reader Post]

In 1988 a TV movie “The Incredible Hulk Returns” was made as a sequel to the TV show that had featured Bill Bixby as David Banner and Lou Ferrigno as The Hulk. From what I remember the movie was pretty … Continue reading

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1 Jul

Barack Obama strangles the Arab Summer

Image courtest of Bret Baier “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose Nothin’ ain’t worth nothin’ hon if it ain’t free…” Sandmonkey is a gutsy blogger in Egypt who I have been following for years. He pens a … Continue reading

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