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20 Jun

More Holes Exposed In The IRS’s Story

“I don’t think an apology is owed” -IRS Commissioner John Koskinen Note well the smirk on the face of the IRS Commissioner during this hearing. That smirk was on display all hearing long especially when he said no apology was … Continue reading

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15 Mar

The REAL Civil War In The Republican Party

The NYT’s, that bastion of unbiased reporting…cough, has a story today entitled “Divisions in G.O.P. Are Laid Bare on First Day of Conservative Conference”. The largest annual gathering of Republican activists began here Thursday with appearances by rival presidential hopefuls … Continue reading

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5 Jan

The Similarities Between America’s Economic Mess and Europe’s

The Economist has a pretty good article out about the similarities between our economic mess and Europe’s. They get it right on many issues, and completely wrong on others but its well worth reading.: FOR the past three years America’s … Continue reading

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1 Jan

Embracing Anarchism Is Like Making Love To A Cactus, Prickly At Best

An OWS activist and his pregnant girl friend were arrested on bomb paraphernalia charges. The arrests have brought forth images of Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, the friends and former neighbors of the Obamas. Both couples are from … Continue reading

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17 Oct

Rewriting The Debate Rules, We Must Be Fair

If we continue to give Democrats extra time because they need to express their “important points,” we need to change the rules; otherwise, it looks suspicious to the casual observer expecting the debates to be fair and honest.

In the first presidential debate, Obama took advantage of an extra three minutes and fourteen-seconds. If we accrue that time in Super Bowl dollars, each second is extremely valuable. Biden was cut back slightly, the reason is obvious, he was only allowed an extra minute and twenty-two seconds and the whole Democrat Party was holding its breath during the excess time. In the second presidential debate, Obama required four minutes and eighteen-seconds to dance around the different questions.

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11 Oct

Ryan/Biden [Reader Post]

You have to hand it to Joe Biden, he knows how to draw attention to himself. There is a reasonable amount of chatter on the internet not only about the depth of the impending vice presidential debate but the lurking possibility that some Monty Python type of moment will unfold before the eyes of the nation. It is hopelessly preposterous not to consider the potential of a cringe worthy moment occurring. Biden’s presence brings the very real possibility of some magnificent folly. The man is a walking conversation starter.

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10 Sep

Paul Ryan: We Stand With Democrat Rahm Emanuel…Who Do You Stand With Obama?

Paul Ryan is pretty good at this eh?

And so, we were going to ask, where does President Obama stand? Does he stand with his former Chief of Staff Mayor Rahm Emanuel, with the children and the parents, or does he stand with the union?

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29 Aug

Awesome Speeches Tonight By Condi Rice & Paul Ryan

I’ll Take Freedom Over ‘the Supervision and Sanctimony of Central Planners’

A Country Where Everything Is Free But Us

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