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3 Apr

Hiding Behind Amendments (Guest Post)

The US Senate is set to vote on an extension of unemployment benefits. That’s fine. Whether you agree with the extension or not is not the issue under consideration here. What is being considered is the issue of WHY politicians … Continue reading

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29 Mar

Those Democrats Looking Out For Us Themselves

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13 Mar

Harry Reid’s crazy rants are now indistinguishable from parody headlines

Allah puts it best when viewing this video of Harry Reid blasting the GOP over some Koch conspiracy: In which the Grandpa Simpson of the Senate utters the word “radical” 21 times in less than seven minutes. It has, alas, … Continue reading

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22 Jan

Hollywood’s Multi Pronged Attacks on Liberty (Guest Post)

In Greek mythology, the Hydra was a serpent with many heads and according to lore, when one head was cut off, two more would grow back into its place. Like the Hydra, the Recording Industry of America (RIAA) and their … Continue reading

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17 Jan

Harry Reid And Senate Democrats Support Extending Unemployment For Millionares (Guest Post)

At least that’s how The left would propagandist what happened Wednesday. Republican Senator Pat Toomey introduced an amendment to the to the bill now being debated to extend unemployment benefits. That amendment prohibits such benefits going to people making over … Continue reading

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17 Dec

When friends become foes (Guest Post)

You know that you’ve really messed up when your enemies aren’t the only ones who are attacking you, but now those you called “friends.” Yeah, good ole John Boehner now is taking heat from his base, and by base I … Continue reading

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13 Dec

David Brooks: If Only We Had A King Instead Of A President

It’s quite funny to hear this kind of talk from liberals when their guy is in power. Do ya think they would be talking about giving the President MORE power if it was a Republican in office? Please: …But there … Continue reading

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12 Dec

Plug & Play Politics (Guest Post)

I’ve heard it repeated it for years. “When the Republican party runs moderates we lose. When we run real conservatives we win.” Reagan recommended the Republicans paint in “bold colors” rather than “pastels” to offer voters a clear choice, that … Continue reading

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5 Dec

Boehner Emboldens Reid To Pursue Nuclear Option (Reader Post)

Harry Reid (D-NV) and his Democrat Senate majority on Thursday, November 21, 2013, executed the “nuclear option” to eliminate the filibuster for executive branch and judicial nominees. The nuclear option does not apply to Supreme Court nominees. Reid said, “Republicans … Continue reading

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21 Nov

ObamaCare: Let-It-Burn!

While Sen. Cruz led a valiant effort to stop the trainwreck of ObamaCare it now seems certain that this kind of strategy is no longer needed. It’s imploding all by itself and will turn into a complete catastrophe after the … Continue reading

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