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21 Apr

Obama lulled America into false sense of security

Obama declared the war on terrorism over and brought us a kinder, gentler approach: The US president has instead replaced it with a softer approach stressing “new partnerships” and multilateral diplomacy. “Our long-term security will not come from our ability … Continue reading

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7 Jan

White man remains free while black man jailed for same offense

David Gregory, white liberal above the law It pays to be a wealthy white liberal in DC: The Washington Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) inquiry into whether NBC’s David Gregory broke the law by possessing a 30-round “high-capacity” magazine on national … Continue reading

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4 Sep

The question to which the media dares not seek an answer [Reader Post]

Barack Obama has had one unchanging personal goal- to alter America. He wants to change America

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

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17 Mar

This was not the first time Soledad O’Brien tried to rewrite history [Reader Post]

Obama sycophant Soledad O’Brien got into a tussle with Joel Pollak of and had her head handed to her as she tried desperately to dissuade viewers of the truth- that Barack Obama was heavily influenced by the radical Bell.

In her conversation with Pollak she at first appeared not to know what Critical Race Theory actually was while at the same time she was sure Pollak was wrong. From somewhere she came up with a definition that happened to be curiously similar to the one found in Wikipedia. Soon after the Wikipedia page for CRT was changed repeatedly and so often that it came under editorial lockdown.

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15 Oct

TEA Party versus OWS Mob

The Democrats are banking on the Occupy Wall Street Mob becoming the sacrificial lambs for the reelection of Obama; however, it is patently obvious, they are not capturing public sympathy with their bizarre messages and disgusting lifestyle. Poets rarely write of the beauty of fleas and parasites or those who carry them.

Their efforts are a but forlorn hope for this fall, reality in the form of winter and or disease will kill them, maybe literally and no one will care. The public is more than willing to concede stupidity is its’ own reward; especially, in the “rebel without a cause” type of syndrome of ignorance.

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5 Sep

The Obamas, Movin’ On Up

Corruption and Lies seem to be a tradition in the Obama family.

Every family has a “Black Sheep,” someone who embarrasses the family by getting drunk and in trouble. It’s possible some of us have relatives who are illegal aliens on the public dole and have repeatedly defied deportation orders: thankfully, not many of us fit into that category. However, not many drunk relatives tell arresting officers to call the White House, presumably before they do something stupid.

“Omar” or Onyango Obama is the long lost brother Kenyan half-brother of President Obama’s father. The same Uncle Omar mentioned by Bill Ayers in the best selling autobiography “Dreams From My Father”, the life story of President Obama as portrayed by the unrepentant terrorist, Bill Ayers. Although he was mentioned in the book, our president is wishing his drunken uncle would behave himself or live in the shadows.

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12 Nov

Glenn Beck: “George Soros – Behind The Shadow Party” – Part 2

Here is part 2 to Glenn Beck’s series on George Soros, aired Tuesday and I just finally got time to whittle it down to 15+ minutes of the real important stuff:

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9 Nov

Glenn Beck: “George Soros – Behind The Shadow Party” – Part 1

I whittled down Glenn Beck’s show from yesterday to about 15 minutes for you. It’s the prelude to his week long series on George Soros and The Shadow Party. In it he starts to put together the pieces of the … Continue reading

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25 Jul

Obama Has Always Left Destruction In His Wake [Reader Post]

The best prophet of the future is the past. ~ John Sherman Phyllis Schlafly wrote a great article in Investors recently. It makes the point that the woes of America are not different from the woes the Obama machine visited … Continue reading

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