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16 Nov

Peculiar Perversions

There is no excuse: child molestation is the murder of an innocent soul, for that soul will never be able to grow and mature into the adult that it was meant to be. We all know victims of childhood sexual molestation, whether they have told you or not, you know them. Some of them have a strong survival instinct and persevere through the shame and confusion to become productive adults: others are destroyed, they are the ones for whom the pain and humiliation were too much. They are often consumed by drugs and alcohol or they become prostitutes to complete their pain and be ground down into the gutters of life.

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28 Sep

Life Isn’t About Waiting For A Storm To Pass; It’s About Learning To Dance In The Rain.

During the Renaissance and up until the late 19th Century, the Straivarius violin was the standard of the industry. A model by which all others were judged. The Stradivarius and fine sailing ships were built by employing Pythagorean mathematics, a keen knowledge of various woods, and a sense of artistic proportion. The result was an aesthetic marvel that would be admired by generations

Lars used the same Pythagorean mathematics, his love of exotic wood, and an artist’s sense of form and proportion to build his double ended ketch over thirty years ago. Wood makes a sail boat seem alive. The steel cable stays that brace the masts play their own music in different winds and the wooden vessel comes alive and sings beautiful songs on the high seas, but you needed to speak the language of sailing to understand the music of the songs of the sea.

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19 Sep

Obama’s Turkeys

I had a Labrador and my best buddy Knarley Manners had a Chesapeake. The dogs were given to us by people in town, people who found that big dogs make a big mess in small backyards. That was fine by us, we usually had stock dogs and dogs for lion and bear, these bird dogs were exotics to us and really special. There was only one problem; we weren’t bird hunters. Oh sure, we shot prairie chickens (grouse and ptarmigan) for dinner out in the bush, but that was always with a pistol or a 22 and not all that sporting. Head shots at thirty feet or less was the rule, but the skills for shooting ducks and geese had eluded us. Why hunt ducks and geese when you can hunt moose and elk?

Now that we had dogs, we needed to learn how to hunt waterfowl. We made plans, oh how we made plans for weeks and months we made plans; the sort of plans that 13 year old boys make when they are hiding an expedition from their dads.

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1 Sep

Like The Man In A Silo

Friend –

Today I asked for a joint session of Congress where I will lay out a clear plan to get Americans back to work.

Next week, I will deliver the details of the plan and call on lawmakers to pass it. Whether they will do the job they were elected to do is ultimately up to them.

But both you and I can pressure them to do the right thing. We can send the message that the American people are playing by the rules and meeting their responsibilities—and it’s time for our leaders in Congress to meet theirs. And we must hold them accountable if they don’t.

So I’m asking you to stand with me in calling on Congress to step up and take action on jobs:

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4 Aug

They killed off Peter Parker in the name of racial-ethnic diversity

Peter Parker Miles Morales, the Amazing Spectacular Ultimate Spiderman….and biracial multicultural hero:

The new Ultimate Spider-Man, who will have the almost impossible task of replacing the late Peter Parker (easily one of Marvel Comics most popular characters), took off his mask and revealed himself to be a young, half-black, half-Latino kid by the name of Miles Morales.

When I read the news, I was beside myself, as if my brain couldn’t fully process the revelation.

My friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was … just like me?

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23 Jul

Captain America: Movie Preview & Photo of the Day


– it took a lot of special effects to make the toned actor look like the skinny military hopeful he’s supposed to be at the beginning of the story.

“It’s pretty amazing,” Evans told Reuters. “They took shape out of my jaw line, they shrunk my skeleton and they made my shoulders less broad.”

Those rippling muscles on his Captain America alter-ego, however, are anything but CGI — the actor put on 15 pounds of muscle to play the part.

Everyone’s raving about Chris Evans in the film and how, thanks to CGI, they are able to make the actor look like a 90 lb soaking-wet weakling when the actor has in fact packed on 15 lbs of real muscle; but what they aren’t telling you is that after his character receives the super-soldier serum, that body doesn’t belong to Chris Evans either.

FA has obtained the exclusive rights to a behind-the-scenes photo of the real actor/stunt double, who just happens to be a real-life super-soldier about to deploy to Afghanistan:

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27 Jun

A Western Hat And Tennis Shoes

When I was a young man, I heard the old age that women used, “clothes make the man”; consequently, I tried to always dress well and look my best. The years have made dressing less important to me, but at one time, I looked pretty dang good.

I’ve always dressed in the Western Style, even though I received a lot of snickers in the Northeastern U.S. and in Europe, but I wasn’t going to slap my heritage in the face to look like someone else. The rudest thing I ever heard was from a couple of toughs in London who made a comment about wearing a chamber pot on the head. It took me several hours to figure out through their thick accents, that they were talking about my Western hat.

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6 Jun

Weiner Gets His Buns Roasted

Apparently, Weiner’s sanctimonious piety and his use of the universal defense of Liberals as a victim is all a ruse. Another woman has come forward with emails and intimate photos from a “consensual online romance”. Is the Wiener done or is he willing to be grilled even more. His buns are being burned as you read these lines. There is only so much heat a Weiner can take.

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12 May

Torture doesn’t work…ok, so where’s the disagreement?

Agents searching Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s compound discovered what one official later called a “mother lode” of valuable intelligence. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was obviously planning more attacks. It didn’t sound like he was willing to give us any information about them. “I’ll talk to you,” he said, “after I get to New York and see my lawyer.”

George Tenet asked if he had permission to use enhanced interrogation techniques, including waterboarding, on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. I thought about my meeting with Danny Pearl’s widow, who was pregnant with his son when he was murdered. I thought about the 2,973 people stolen from their families by al Qaeda on 9/11. And I thought about my duty to protect the country from another act of terror.

“Damn right,” I said.

- Decision Points, pg 170, by George W. Bush

“The history of the United States military is clear: Torture doesn’t work”- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

“We don’t torture. That’s not what we’re involved in.”- Vice President Dick Cheney

“This country doesn’t torture, we’re not going to torture.”-President Bush

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26 Apr

Are You Appalled?

It’s for sure the White House is appalled that we question the integrity and honesty of a president who keeps his past an enigma, like a criminal with a murky past. Some of us want to see the actual birth certificate with all the revealing details, the same one Hillary wanted to see during the primary campaign. Some of us wonder how a lackluster student managed to drift from an also ran college (Occidental) for affluent college kids who can’t hack it in competitive Universities, to a well respected University like Columbia. A place where no one remembers the scholar Obama and his magnificent intellect. He is then thrust into Harvard Law School and on to the Harvard Law Review without writing any papers. He was then appointed to be the Editor of the Harvard Law Review; again he managed this by keeping his stellar performance under wraps, perhaps to avoid embarrassing the law students and professors with his brilliance. Still today, we wait for some evidence of this magna cum laude intellect to make itself known.

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