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14 Sep

Domestic Violence Is Not always What it Seems

Everyone is worried over the big violent men of the NFL and their domestic violence. A man beating a woman is pathetic, the sort of behavior we expect from Muslims. However, the stories often get better for the telling and … Continue reading

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9 Feb

Ladies and gentlemen…50 years later- the Beatles!

50 years ago this evening I sat in my parent’s living room as a youngster and watched on the only TV we had the Beatles appear on the Ed Sullivan show. It was electrifying. My parents regularly watched the Ed … Continue reading

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27 Oct

Finding Family Values and Connecting With Reality

 A Children’s Story: Read it to your children or grandchildren or let them read it: The girls were off from school for the Christmas holidays. They were up early and getting ready to help their dad feed the cattle; … Continue reading

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2 Oct

I knew I’d seen this picture somewhere else

Oh yes, here it is.

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28 Aug

Barack, you are no Martin Luther King

This morning Huffington Post posted a picture including both Martin Luther King Jr and Barack Obama in similar poses. It is an obvious and clumsy attempt to draw a comparison. Barack Obama is a white black (well, he’s not a … Continue reading

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27 May

Being A Better Man Than You Are

I was at a loss for something appropriate to write for this special day. I know many sad stories that will go to the grave with me. Don’t misread that line. I am not a hero, but many heroes came … Continue reading

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16 Dec


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15 Nov

Diners, Drive-ins and Disasters [Reader Post]

A week ago Saturday may wife, my sister, my brother-in-law and I drove into New York City for a meal at Carmine’s on 44th and 6th. We’ve been there many times and always have a great time. One needs to understand how the food is served (family style) before ordering and and that you’ll need a suitcase to carry home the leftovers but it is dependably terrific.

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7 Nov

At What Price Victory

Nearly fifty years ago, during my tour of America on a Triumph motorcycle, I stopped at a Civil War Museum and burial ground for Civil War soldiers in Northern Alabama. I’ve been a student of history, and this seemed to be a curious part of America’s history.

The museum was run by the Daughters Of The Confederacy. A group that dedicated themselves to their work and the history of the Civil War Era. Their dedication to the memory of The Lost Cause or War of Northern Aggression and to the heroes of the Confederacy was awe inspiring if not a little frightening to a Canadian teenager. I paid to attend a formal history lesson and was barraged with a mass of history from the Southern perspective.

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16 Jul

Foreign Policy Lessons Learned in a Metallica Mosh Pit [Reader Post]

One of my favorite bloggers has a great writing technique. He has led an interesting life out in the American West which has given him some fascinating experiences involving the great outdoors and with wildlife, horses, and people from outside that environment trying to interact with it. He then takes these experiences and weaves them into some well written blog posts that relate to current events. Growing up in the suburbs of New Jersey and spending my 20′s as a straight laced workaholic by day and bar hopping idiot by night don’t give quite the same rich personal history to draw upon, but I’m going to try to emulate his technique anyway. So sit back and enjoy!

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