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20 Jan

What Obama should really should have talked about last night in his SOTU address- updated

The nation has “turned the page” on recession and war, Obama will trumpet tonight. The sad thing about Obama and the left wing media is that Obama believes something is true simply because he says it, and so does the … Continue reading

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8 Jan

Greg Sargent To SCOTUS: Ignore The US Constitution (Guest Post)

Washington Post columnist Greg Sargent, on January 2, wrote: Now, it’s possible that expected swing vote John Roberts won’t bother considering such disruptions and consequences in reaching his decision. He actually wrote that! He advocates that the Supreme Court ignore … Continue reading

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5 Jan

Bill Clinton caught cavorting with a pedophile- is there more?

That Bill Clinton is a serial adulterer is not news. That Clinton may have been involved with underage sex slaves is new. A new lawsuit has revealed the extent of former President Clinton’s friendship with a fundraiser who was later … Continue reading

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4 Jan

If Trig stood on a fetus instead of a dog liberals would be thrilled

From the “Mountain out of a Molehill” files comes the story of how outraged the left is over the picture of Trig Palin standing on the family dog. “OUTRAGEOUS!” scream the ninnies on the left: “It’s odd that anyone — … Continue reading

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2 Jan

“Black people don’t work for Politico”

Politico posted a nasty article highly critical Of Congressman Steve Scalise: Scalise, the No. 3 House Republican, is already getting hit from both the left and right after his office admitted it was “likely” that he spoke to the white … Continue reading

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1 Jan

The left wing media once again defiles itself with the phony Scalise story

The charge that Steve Scalise (R-LA) spoke at a David Duke organization was something of a surprise. He just doesn’t seen like them kind of guy who would do such a thing. It turns out that he didn’t. His office … Continue reading

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24 Dec

Meet the man who set into motion the events that led to Eric Garner’s death

This is Philip Banks. Until recently he was the Chief of Department in the NYPD, the highest ranking black police office in the NYPD. Philip Banks set into motion the events that led to Garner’s death: An order to crack … Continue reading

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14 Dec

Who fact-checks the fact-checkers?

Former VP Darth Cheney made his Sunday morning appearance (along with a number of other CIA defenders on various morning news shows) on Meet the Press. And of course the MSM is howling for his head and calling him a … Continue reading

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11 Dec

What Bias? Media Singing A Different Tune Over This Year’s Government Shutdown

Just another nail in the coffin of our media. Last year they, along with Democrats, cried and wailed over Ted Cruz wanting a government shutdown over Obamacare. This year when Elizabeth Warren wants a shutdown over business friendly provisions the … Continue reading

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2 Dec

Benghazi Report….Complete Whitewash

The media and Democrats have been crowing that the House Intelligence Committee report on Benghazi cleared the Obama administration of any wrong doing. But when you actually read the report you find the exact opposite. So they found that the … Continue reading

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