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14 Dec

Who fact-checks the fact-checkers?

Former VP Darth Cheney made his Sunday morning appearance (along with a number of other CIA defenders on various morning news shows) on Meet the Press. And of course the MSM is howling for his head and calling him a … Continue reading

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13 Dec

Another incident involving a white cop and a black woman in Alabama

And it couldn’t be more different from what you’ve been seeing lately. Office William Stacy was dispatched to a Dollar General Store in Tarrant Alabama for a shoplifting complaint. What happened next is wonderful: The holiday spirit is definitely in … Continue reading

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11 Dec

What Bias? Media Singing A Different Tune Over This Year’s Government Shutdown

Just another nail in the coffin of our media. Last year they, along with Democrats, cried and wailed over Ted Cruz wanting a government shutdown over Obamacare. This year when Elizabeth Warren wants a shutdown over business friendly provisions the … Continue reading

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2 Dec

Benghazi Report….Complete Whitewash

The media and Democrats have been crowing that the House Intelligence Committee report on Benghazi cleared the Obama administration of any wrong doing. But when you actually read the report you find the exact opposite. So they found that the … Continue reading

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28 Nov

The Today Show’s war on the truth- and on Darren Wilson

I cannot stand the Today Show. I cannot stand the execrable hosts. It used to be a news show back when I grew up, but today it is anything but. You no longer can discern where the Today Show ends … Continue reading

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22 Nov

Hey Brian Williams! This is what an honest newsman looks like

The major networks have for the most part steadfastly hidden Grubergate from the masses, acting as useful idiots. Here’s what one of the biggest name useful idiots, Brian Williams, reports on instead: The folks at NewsBusters pointed out that NBC … Continue reading

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19 Nov

A CIA Interrogator Finally Breaks Silence

Dianne Feinstein’s so-called 6,300 page “torture report” (executive summary is 500 pages “only”)- after 5 years and $40 million in taxpayer money- is slated to be released very soon. Perhaps this weekend; maybe next week, after Thanksgiving. But what will … Continue reading

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19 Nov

Darren Wilson is a dead man

It’s been reported that Darren Wilson plans to return to work if he is not indicted by a grand jury. God help him if he does. Given the preparations by the city, state and Feds, one is led to believe … Continue reading

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17 Nov

Why are the Gruber Videos a Big Deal? (Guest Post)

Michael Kinsley’s definition of a gaffe is when a politician gets caught telling the truth. As of this writing we’ve seen four videos surface of Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber. Pejman Yousefzadeh gives a good summary of what was revealed through the first three … Continue reading

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