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21 Apr

Our Concord Bridge

Has the audacity of the Obama Administration and the sanctimonious stooges; Reid, Pelosi, and Biden pushed America to the Concord Bridge of the Twenty-First Century. Our Concord Bridge is no wooden bridge over the Concord River in Massachusetts, a bridge … Continue reading

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9 Apr

Obama’s Watergate moment is here

Back in June of 2013 Elijah Cummings declared the IRS investigation over, despite the continued stonewalling by the Obama administration: Based upon everything I’ve seen, the case is solved. If it were me, I would wrap this case up and … Continue reading

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10 Mar

It’s Politics Over Conscience For Most Democrats (Guest Post)

Why was the Senate vote to not confirm Debo Adegbile a surprise? Because it was about politics, not about Adegbile. To be specific, 46 of 54 Democrats in the U.S. Senate voted politics, to confirm Adegbile. That means that 46 … Continue reading

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5 Feb

Rise of the Machines (Guest Post)

A troubling technological development is the growing interest of our military and law enforcement agencies in drones and robots. ‘Patrol-bots’ eyed as surveillance answer: “Knightscope’s autonomous technology platform is a fusion of robotics, predictive analytics and collaborative social engagement utilized … Continue reading

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21 Jan

The rights the Saudis, the Muslim Brotherhood and Illegals have that you don’t

Ready for this? The Saudis can skip the TSA security checkpoints The Obama administration has quietly rewarded the Middle Eastern country that produced most of the 9/11 hijackers with a special travel privilege that allows its nationals to bypass normal … Continue reading

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11 Jan

The parallels between Chris Christie and Barack Obama

I am not really a big fan of Chris Christie. In his speech at the Republican National Convention he spent far more time talking about himself than he did trying to boost Mitt Romney. I find him narcissistic, arrogant, aloof, … Continue reading

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14 Dec

Evil is Coming: ticking-clock Newtown video makes more sense with a pro-gun narration (Guest Post)

A group called Moms Demand Action (“for gun sense in America”) just put out a video marking the one year anniversary of the Newtown massacre. From a from a pro-gun perspective their video invokes some very effective imagery, using the … Continue reading

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7 Nov

Myths, Lies and Video Games (Reader Post)

Part of any politician’s DNA is to seek public favor. It’s just who they are. Of course, tragedies are triggers that always send politicians careening into hyper speed to protect themselves and get on the side of public favor, often … Continue reading

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23 Oct

May Obama Voters Choke On Their Own Hypocrisy

Those same sanctimonious claims of righteous indignation were used to elect President Obama, but Obama voters accepted the expansion of Bush’s Drone Warfare as being unavoidable. There was no need to march and call Obama a “Baby Killer; after all, … Continue reading

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21 Oct

Barack Obama began his political career by disenfranchising black voters

The Alice Palmer story is one that Barack Obama would love you to forget- and so most news sources have done so. But not us. As you read this, keep voter registration laws in the back of your mind. Alice … Continue reading

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