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10 Feb

Obama Changes Rules Again…No Reason To Trust Him On Immigration

Heritage Foundation policy expert Derrick Morgan laid out the reasons why Obama cannot be trusted to implement immigration rules if some kind of reform was indeed passed: First, Morgan cited that the president will press forward on the defeated DREAM … Continue reading

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4 Feb

“…And another great day in this, the greatest country on God’s green earth.”

That is the opening and closing tagline to the Michael Medved Show. And it annoys some people. Whether true or not (and it’s true), apparently taking pride in one’s country and expressing it so blatantly and unapologetically is an offensive … Continue reading

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31 Jan

Giving The Country Away (Guest Post)

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, last Friday (January 24, 2014) said that the approximately eleven and one half million illegal immigrants in the US have "earned the right to be citizens." He actually said that! Johnson also said: It is … Continue reading

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21 Dec

An Open letter to John Boehner (Guest Post)

Why am I still a Republican? The GOP just passed a bill that cuts veterans benefits, increases the debt, and raises fees (taxes) And in doing so they gutted the Sequester, the only successful attempt to stop the growth of … Continue reading

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18 Dec

How I reached an Immigrant Voter (Reader Post)

I was speaking with an owner of my gym a couple of weeks ago. He was born and raised in South Korea, and he speaks functional, not fluent, English with a heavy accent. We had never had a long conversation … Continue reading

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31 Oct

The liberal racist attacks on Ted Cruz

The masks are off. democrats are proving just how deeply fulminant racism runs through them. They maintain a charade of cordiality but burn inside with hatred of Hispanics. Especially highly educated, intelligent Hispanics. democrats have decided to target Ted Cruz … Continue reading

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7 Jul

The Schumer Swiss Cheese Act

If you liked Obamacare, you’re going to love the farce that is the immigration bill. It is, as with all things Obama, meaningless and entirely unenforceable. In short, it’s crap. It is now common fare for Barack Obama to, at … Continue reading

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24 Jun

The clusterfrak that is the immigration bill

The Senate immigration bill has morphed into a monster of grotesque characteristics. It is a clusterfrak. The difficulty in describing the bill is finding anything right with it at all. The bill was already questionable when two GOP Senators apparently … Continue reading

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19 Jun

The Broken Welfare System…Can It Be Fixed?

We’ve all seen it. The “poor” in line at our local shopping market paying for lobsters, or filet mignon with their EBT card. We hear reports of people using their welfare cards at strip clubs and buying liquor at liquor … Continue reading

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