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5 Sep

Liberal Hypocrisy and International Racism

Someone gassed between 350 and 1,400 people in Syria, depending on which liar fits into your political agenda; however, North Korea can starve tens of thousands, many of them children, and the international community with its organizers are painfully silent. … Continue reading

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12 Jul

Former Advisers Call Obama’s Foreign Policy Broken

Broken? I don’t think there was any coherent policy put in place from the beginning…Obama’s foreign policy was a failure the first day he sat down in the oval office: The White House took a hands-off approach to the Libyan … Continue reading

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19 Feb

The Unqualified Radical Nominee For Secretary of Defense…Chuck Hagel

Every day that passes we are finding out more and more about Chuck Hagel, the man Obama has presented to be his Secretary of Defense: Secretary of defense nominee Chuck Hagel said Israel is on its way to becoming an … Continue reading

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11 Jan

The looming cuts to America’s defense leave the world, and the United States, less safe

Krauthammer on the Hagel nomination: Message-sending. Obama won reelection. He no longer has to trim, to appear more moderate than his true instincts. He has the “flexibility” to be authentically Obama. Hence the Hagel choice: Under the guise of centrist … Continue reading

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5 Sep

A Collapsed Foreign Policy [Reader Post]

With the focus of the coming election appropriately directed at the economy and the creation of jobs, some of the media is desperately attempting a redirection of attention toward foreign policy. More precisely, the MSM is fabricating a four year history of its protagonist’s foreign policy.

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19 Dec

Tears Of Joy

Kim Jung Il’s life: a soliloquy in lunacy and madness.

Often the sages admonish
Oh Death, be not so proud
A tender soul’s last wish
The welfare of others be allowed

Death unkind, strikes indiscriminate
History records with only a wretched few
Death comes not soon enough to elate
The drop of his miserable carcass in its tomb

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5 Sep

The Obamas, Movin’ On Up

Corruption and Lies seem to be a tradition in the Obama family.

Every family has a “Black Sheep,” someone who embarrasses the family by getting drunk and in trouble. It’s possible some of us have relatives who are illegal aliens on the public dole and have repeatedly defied deportation orders: thankfully, not many of us fit into that category. However, not many drunk relatives tell arresting officers to call the White House, presumably before they do something stupid.

“Omar” or Onyango Obama is the long lost brother Kenyan half-brother of President Obama’s father. The same Uncle Omar mentioned by Bill Ayers in the best selling autobiography “Dreams From My Father”, the life story of President Obama as portrayed by the unrepentant terrorist, Bill Ayers. Although he was mentioned in the book, our president is wishing his drunken uncle would behave himself or live in the shadows.

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1 Jun

Don't Be A Dissatisfied Customer Of Goldman Sachs, Obama Might Just Light You Up

The New Sovereign Investment Fund of Libya or of Colonel Qaddafi, there is no distinction in the money funds of Libya or Qaddafi, invested $1.3 Billion with Goldman Sachs; the bank used the funds on stock options at a variety of international banks and a collection of currency bets. Two years later, the Libyan fund had lost 98% of its value and was worth only $25.1 million.

Officials of Libya’s sovereign wealth fund were upset with Goldman Sachs and accused them of malfeasance; mainly, for making trades without authorization and misrepresenting investment deals.

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4 Mar

2008 Financial Terrorism – Conspiracy or part of The Perfect Storm? (Phases 1 and 2)

In Sept, 2008, I penned the post, the US Economy: A Perfect Storm of Housing and Lending Events. This overview of how we managed to bring ourselves to the precarious cliff of a failed economy revealed it was not a single issue, but a combination of many events – including political pressure on lenders for homeownership, relaxing of GSE lending criteria, regulation/deregulation, and profit motivation by financial institutions – leading to an out of whack supply vs demand, driving up housing values to unsustainable and dangerous levels.

It never crossed my mind that financial terrorism could be another element to be factored in. So when the WA Times wrote of an unclassified Pentagon report by Kevin D. Freeman, my head perked up.

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27 Dec

Letting Your Defenses Down

The People Of The Stables The race track is a world within a world. It can be a dangerous place, injuries and death happen all too frequently, but you can make dear friends at the track; especially, if you work … Continue reading

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